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About USA/Canada Toll Free
  • Get new US phone numbers using a virtual system
  • USA toll-free & local numbers in all 50 US states
  • Seamlessly forwards calls to existing lines
  • Absolutely no hidden fees
  • Simple 3-minute setup and 24/7 support
  • Improve Customer Service and Satisfaction

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An easy and powerful way to get US numbers

Quickly obtaining local and toll-free US phone numbers can be problematic. solves this problem.

Is your business located outside the USA? Now you can launch a business presence in the United States with local and toll-free (800) numbers. With a US phone number that your American customers will recognize, they’ll know they can reach you without any fuss, no matter where you’re based. With no set-up fees, you can reap the benefits of a local or US toll-free number in as little as three minutes.

Our cloud phone system makes it easy to instantly deploy genuine US phone numbers, with the calls you receive forwarded to your existing phone lines anywhere in the world. The cloud interface offers advanced call management features like call routing based on your business hours, personalization of your greetings, and touch-tone menus. You can record calls, receive voicemail over email, and view real-time information about all your calls.


Simple, transparent pricing

Launch toll-free and local US numbers starting from only $4/mo when you pay as you go, or save money with pre-paid minute bundles at fixed monthly prices, with low rates for additional minutes. Our transparent pricing always includes all taxes, with no hidden charges and no contracts. If you’re not completely satisfied with your phone system, you can cancel any time with no cancellation fees.

We pride ourselves on industry-leading customer service. If you have any question regarding the best plan for your enterprise, our support team are on hand no matter where you’re calling from.

Our level of support doesn’t stop once you’re signed up. Helplines are often open throughout the night, ensuring no disruption to your business. If your organization is awake, then so are we.


Built for businesses large and small

Our cloud-based virtual phone system includes Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) - free with every USA virtual phone number. An equipment-free telecommunications innovation, Hosted PBX enables phone system flexibility and easy business communications management, with no limit on the number of lines and extensions you can add to your business phone system.

Businesses of any size can benefit from a US phone number. For start-up enterprises, US toll-free numbers can quickly set you up for expansion into a new international market, improving brand perception and boosting your bottom line by accessing a whole new range of customers.

For those already established in the US, you can get even closer to your customers wherever they are. Our huge inventory of US phone numbers can launch your presence in several new markets across the country, expanding your customer base and building trust across any US state.


Custom pricing solutions for high call volumes

Need over 5,000 minutes per month? Let us build a service around your needs. contact us for a quote, and in addition to discounted rates for high volume requirements, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager to support you throughout the provisioning process. Benefit from 24/7 telephone support by joining the 20,000 business around the world that use


Local US numbers wherever your business needs to be

Browse our US phone number inventory an choose your own local numbers.