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Fax2MyEmailSM allows you to quickly and easily receive faxes to your email address. Incoming faxes are sent as attachments in email messages, allowing forwarding, downloading or viewing of faxes on the go from any internet connected device.

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How to Receive Fax to Email

The Fax2MyEmailSM service with TollFreeForwarding.com means you can automatically have faxes forwarded to your email address, making it easier than ever to receive, view, and share faxes. You don't have to worry about setting up complicated fax to email converters - we do all the hard work for you, and you can manage everything via your online dashboard. Fax2MyEmailSM makes it easier than ever to receive a fax directly to your email, PC, smartphone, or tablet - all through your virtual phone number.

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How Fax to Email Can Help Your Business

Our fax to email software means you and your business can easily receive fax communications to any device. This is perfect for modern businesses who may work across offices or remotely, as it means you can keep on top of faxes on the go without being tied to a fax machine in a specific location. Business communications are simplified with fax to email - everything is connected to one virtual number, and you can access important faxes via your email address on any internet-connected advice. As a bonus, your business cuts costs associated with traditional fax machines and can instead access everything digitally, making it easy to duplicate and share important fax documents.

Benefits of fax to email

  • Receive faxes to email
  • Access from any device
  • Forward faxes to different employees
  • View faxes on the go
  • Save on fax machine expenses
  • Free with your virtual number

How It Works - 3 Simple Steps

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Fax to Email Service FAQs

  • A TollFreeForwarding.com virtual phone number comes with an online fax service, Fax2MyEmailSM, which means you can have faxes forwarded to your email address. Faxes are converted automatically and sent as attachments in an email. These can be password protected if you're handling sensitive information. They can also easily be printed, downloaded or forwarded to other email addresses, making it quick and easy to share important documents or information.

  • A fax to email service is one of the many features that is included for free with your TollFreeForwarding.com virtual number. Your virtual number itself comes with a range of pricing options, from pay as you go packages for smaller businesses through to high volume packages for larger organizations receiving a high volume of calls. You can visit our pricing page for a full breakdown of your options.

  • Your fax will be forwarded to your requested email address, meaning if you can access your emails, you can access your faxes! This could be your office PC, or your smartphone or tablet on the go. Faxes are included in emails as attachments, which are also available for viewing or downloading from your online messaging center.

  • Your faxes are attached to an email in tiff or PDF format.

  • Yes. If you're a bigger business or an organization with shared support, incoming faxes can be forwarded to multiple email accounts - for example, to an entire management team or sales team.

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