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Stand out from the crowd with a vanity number for your business. Using numbers or letters, you can create a custom phone number your customers will always remember.

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What is a Vanity Number?

A custom vanity phone number is a business phone number that spells out a word or name with the corresponding letters on a phone keypad, e.g. 1-800-PHONE or 1-800-PIZZA. This can spell out the name of your product, a person, or your service, helping build your business image and credibility while giving customers an easy way to remember your phone number.

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How a Vanity Number Can Help Your Business

You know what a vanity number is, but why should you use one? Firstly, a custom vanity number is extremely easy to remember and ensures you stand out from competitors, making your number the first one that comes to customers' minds when they think about your service or product. This makes it incredibly easy for customers to recommend your service and vanity number through word-of-mouth, helping to improve brand recognition and visibility. A vanity number also gives a sense of esteem to a business, giving you instant credibility - no matter your size.

Benefits of Vanity Numbers

  • Instantly recognizable
  • Easy to remember
  • Helps build your brand
  • Ensures you stand out
  • Aligns with your website or brand name
  • Give business credibility
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Why Get a Vanity Number with

There are countless benefits to a vanity number with Our fast setup means your new vanity number could be ready to go in as little as three minutes, and there are no setup fees or complicated hardware. There's no obligation, no contracts, and flexible payment options including pay as you go, so you can adapt your vanity number around your business. Plus, with our handy free trial, you can see firsthand just how a vanity number can help your business grow.

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How It Works - 3 Simple Steps

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Vanity Number FAQs

  • If you're looking for how to buy a vanity number, it's quick and easy with You can browse your options at the top of the page, or check out our pricing and plans page to get started. Alternatively, you can call our friendly customer support team who will be more than happy to talk you through your options.

  • With, you can choose a custom vanity phone number in a range of pricing plans to suit you and your business needs. If you're just getting started, you can opt for a pay as you go or a small monthly plan. Then, as you grow, you can increase your plan to include more minutes at a lower rate. It's all totally flexible, so your custom vanity number can grow with your business.

  • A vanity number is completely personalized to your business, giving you a unique edge over competitors in your industry. If you opt for a vanity corporate phone number, you can enjoy larger brand visibility and a sense of corporate prestige. Plus, with vanity toll free numbers, your customers can reach you even more easily, and at no cost to them, making you instantly more accessible to customers all over the world.

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