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Discover How China Phone Numbers Can Grow Your Business

If you’re looking to grow your business globally, you need to be in China. But setting up an office there can be daunting and costly. With, you can establish a virtual presence in China, saving you money and giving you instant access to your clients.

You don’t need new equipment and there are no additional set-up costs. Simply select a number online and activate it in 60 seconds!

You’ll have crystal-clear quality phone lines with local numbers for your Chinese customers or suppliers, with free call-forwarding to any phone number you like. You can add or delete lines as it suits you.


Establish a virtual presence in China

Trust, convenience and accessibility are key ingredients for keeping customers happy, particularly when they’re in another country. A number makes life easier for existing Chinese customers and enhances your appeal to new ones.

Choose the option that’s best for you and your customers:

  • China National (400-1) mobile accessible
  • Toll free (800)
  • Toll free (full country coverage)
  • Local


The world’s boom economy, at your fingertips

Whether you’re trying to secure a new supplier in Shenzhen, selling your IT to Shanghai tech companies, or wanting to give family in Beijing a convenient way to reach you, a toll free number provides a simple and inexpensive way to connect. You can choose a number that’s accessible from a mobile or landline, or both.

Alternatively you may be targeting a particular test market in China and you want to give customers in a particular region a local number they’ll recognize. has a huge inventory of virtual numbers to choose from.

Whichever number you choose, customers and loved ones will appreciate being able to call you anywhere in the world, free or for the cost of a local call. No more dialing code confusion; no more astronomical international phone bills!

ACTIVATE offers virtual numbers in the following Chinese cities

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