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With TollFreeForwarding.com you can easily connect with customers all over the world, with a virtual number that routes calls directly to your ring-to number. Your ring-to number can be any existing phone line and can be based in any location - so you don't have to worry about setting up new offices or new phone lines to expand your business into new locations!

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What is a Ring-To Number?

A ring-to number is a phone number where your routed calls will eventually land. Essentially, it's your existing phone line! Also called a call destination, your ring-to number is your "real" number, rather than the virtual number that your customers see. Your ring-to number could be the number of your existing call center, landline, your cell, or even your hotel room phone if you're traveling. You can set routed calls to land on all the phones simultaneously or at different times or days of the week, depending upon your usage and activity.

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How Does a Ring-To Number Work?

A ring-to number works alongside your virtual number to direct calls to wherever you need them to be. Your toll free or virtual number is a "phantom" number that directs to a separate, existing phone line - your ring-to number. So, if you've set up a virtual US phone number and want calls to this number to be directed to your existing office in the UK, the UK number is the ring-to or destination number. This number isn't visible to your customers, so the only way they'll know you're in a different location is if you tell them.

Benefits of Ring-to Numbers

  • Forward calls to existing phone line
  • Choose a virtual number in 100+ countries
  • Choose multiple ring-to numbers
  • No setup fees
  • Expand your business internationally
  • Set up chain of reroutes
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Why Choose TollFreeForwarding.com?

Setting up a virtual and ring-to number with TollFreeForwarding.com comes with a range of additional benefits. As well as the ability to forward calls to your ring-to number, our advanced features help ease business communications. For every inbound call, our multi-carrier system cycles through a range of different networks to select the highest quality connection - so every call is crystal clear. We also offer additional features such as IVR, time/day schedule, and real time reporting, so keeping on top of all your business communications is simple.

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Ring-to Numbers FAQs

  • A ring-to number and a virtual number are two separate numbers that work together to route your calls. Your virtual number is the number customers see, and may be a local number in a destination where you're not physically located. Your ring-to number is your current number and is the number that your calls are routed to. Simply put, a virtual number directs to your chosen ring-to number.

  • Yes - you can choose multiple ring-to numbers. You can opt for our simultaneous ring-to option or our sequential ring-to option. While in the former, all your devices will ring at the same time until one of them is answered, in the latter, you can set the priority of devices and the call will be routed to one device and then to another through a chain until the phone is picked up. These simple yet smart features give you great control over your telephone communication network.

  • You can amend your virtual and ring-to numbers at any time via your intuitive online dashboard.

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