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Murray Rigluth

ESD Manager | www.sega.com

"TollFreeForwarding.com was instrumental in helping Sega launch our new video game. In addition to providing international toll-free phone numbers in 35 countries, their follow-up and constant support was incredibly impressive. The folks at TollFreeForwarding.com worked tirelessly, including taking calls outside of regular business hours, to ensure our product launch was smooth and a success. We have enjoyed working with TollFreeForwarding.com the past couple of years and look forward to continuing our business relationship. I highly recommend their international phone service, and especially their customer service."

Garth Cooper

Telephony Program Manager | www.linksys.com

"One call to TollFreeForwarding.com solved our problem. TollFreeForwarding.com was the only provider we found that could get the preferred national rate phone numbers for us. We have been 100% happy customers ever since. Anytime we need a new country added, we look to TollFreeForwarding.com to help us. When it comes to international phone numbers, TollFreeForwarding.com delivers when no one else can."

Carlos Robles

Technology Manager | www.eharmony.com

"What drew us to TollFreeForwarding.com initially were the cheaper rates than our current provider - what sold us was that they were the only company we found that could terminate to a mobile phone in Brazil seamlessly to the end user. TollFreeForwarding.com is my first stop when wanting to secure new numbers for eHarmony. Your company goes the extra mile to put our needs first and always delivers. If numbers are not available, my account manager keeps me at the top of the list for when they are! Great customer service!"

Michael Evanski

IT Manager | www.shutterstock.com

"When the power went out during Hurricane Sandy, all our phones went dark except, amazingly, the phone lines supplied by TollFreeForwarding.com. We immediately switched all of our phone lines to TollFreeForwarding.com and they had us back live and operational in record time. When all our other phone providers failed us, TollFreeForwarding.com was there. Their customer support was exceptional and worked through our solution effortlessly. We absolutely love these guys!"

Stuart Buckley

CEO and Founding Partner | www.calltracks.com

"TollFreeForwarding.com has provided excellent service and we appreciate their efforts, which have benefited our business. They have always been very professional and proactive in all our requests. I would be glad to recommend them openly."

Emerson Hankamer

President and COO | www.vacationstogo.com

"We currently have numerous international toll-free numbers through TollFreeForwarding.com. What I like best about them is the ease of adding new phone numbers online. What they can do in seconds at competitive rates takes AT&T® and others days if not weeks to do at much higher costs per minute. TollFreeForwarding.com provides good customer service. When I need them, they respond in a timely manner, but I rarely need them, which speaks highly of the way they run their business. I am happy to recommend them."

Norm Pensky

Vice President of Sales | www.uniloc.com

"Setting up international toll-free numbers in more than 35 countries was a daunting task, but TollFreeForwarding.com was spectacular in helping to quickly get it all set up with last-minute deadlines. We also were impressed that TollFreeForwarding.com was able to handle the unexpected rush of more than 1,000,000 calls on opening day. I would highly recommend TollFreeForwarding.com to anyone and be happy to talk with anyone on the great responsive service we have always received from them."

Thaís Reiss

Relationship Manager | www.brazilchamber.org

"TollFreeForwarding.com provides a useful, valuable and easy-to-use phone service. We are pleased with the quality of the service and the ability to communicate efficiently with our members in Brazil and the USA."

Diaa Nour

President | www.4totso.com

"High praise for TollFreeForwarding.com! When we needed to obtain a local number in Germany for the U.S. State Department, our old Telco provider couldn't deliver. But with the help of TollFreeForwarding.com's amazing customer service, they solved our problem and we had the numbers we needed up and running in no time. Great work. TollFreeForwarding.com, you're my hero! We highly recommend TollFreeForwarding.com to any big company needing international phone number services."

Marie Fairley

Services Manager | www.mnmicro.net

"Setting up international toll-free numbers in more than 35 countries was a daunting task, but TollFreeForwarding.com was spectacular in helping to quickly get it all set up with last-minute deadlines. TollFreeForwarding.com has always provided us with wonderful customer support for our clients' toll-free services!"

Bharat Amla

CEO | www.metamorfs.com

"Just a quick note to let you know our new phone service from TollFreeForwarding.com is working really great. You guys have brilliant service and I highly recommend you!"

Steve Radius

Director of IT | www.myitworks.com

"When we needed to add new phone numbers for 3 countries right away, our old provider just couldn't deliver. But with just one quick call to TollFreeForwarding.com, within the hour our new numbers were instantly activated. Simply amazing!"

Scott Boysen

Phone Services Manager | www.workplaceoptions.com

"You guys couldn't have had better timing!! I was on a call about to get a new client in India and about to wrap it up with bad news. And then you call me up and instead I could wrap up the deal with giving India excellent news and a new number from TollFreeForwarding.com!! Thanks!!!"

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