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A virtual fax number makes it easier than ever for your customers or business connections to contact you via fax. Our virtual numbers come with the ability to receive faxes - they are simply sent directly to your email inbox as attachments. You can also access faxes on the go with our online message center, so you'll never miss an important message again.

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What is a Virtual Fax Number?

Faxes are still widely used within the workplace, so if you have a business, it makes sense to be set up with a fax number. A virtual fax number is the ideal solution if you don't want a traditional fax machine: you can still be contacted on a fax number, but you don't need the physical machine and can instead have faxes forwarded to your email or accessed via your online message center. A virtual fax number gives you all the convenience and benefits of a traditional fax machine, with none of the hardware or additional costs.

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Why Should I Get a Virtual Fax Number?

Fax is still commonplace in many industries, so having a virtual fax number is of huge benefit to a business, opening an extra line of communication. With a virtual fax number, you can receive faxes quickly and easily without a machine - it's as easy as reading an email. A virtual fax number is especially useful if you expect to receive minimal faxes and it doesn't make financial sense to invest in a fax machine. Additionally, opting for a virtual fax number rather than a fax machine doesn't limit you to a physical machine and single location; you can access your faxes from anywhere, at any time!

Benefits of Virtual Fax Numbers

  • Access faxes anywhere
  • Fax sent to email
  • Save on fax machine costs
  • Give customers more ways to contact you
  • Use your phone number for fax
  • View, download and forward faxes
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Why Choose

A virtual fax number and fax to email is just one benefit you can enjoy with the virtual numbers available at We offer phone numbers and business numbers in 120+ countries, helping establish presence and make communications simple. We offer call routing and time/day scheduling, so you can always send calls to an available employee, as well as real time reporting and call recording to help you monitor and improve communications. Our plans are flexible, with no long-term contracts - so you can always stay in control of your business bottom line.

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Virtual Fax Number FAQs

  • You can use your virtual phone number to receive faxes - any incoming faxes will automatically be forwarded to your email. Getting a virtual number with fax capabilities is simple. You can explore our virtual number inventory, or head to our pricing page to get started with a plan.

  • Your virtual fax number works with our Fax2MyEmail feature. Incoming faxes are forwarded to an email address of your choosing, included as attachments. This makes it easy to view, download, or forward faxes to the relevant people. Your faxes are also available for viewing and downloading in your online message center. This means you can check faxes anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Fax to email is included with our virtual numbers, which are available in a range of plans. We have pay as you go and low-volume plans, ideal for businesses just starting out. If you're expecting to use a lot of call routing minutes, we also offer high-volume plans and bespoke packages, giving you more routing minutes at a cheaper rate. If you're unsure on the best plan for you and your business, simply contact our team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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