Send Voicemail to Email with Voicemail2MyEmailSM

With Voicemail2MyEmailSM, you can receive and send voicemails as attachments in email messages directed to one or multiple members of your team. Every time a call goes unanswered, we will record the message and immediately send it to your email. All voicemail messages can be played or downloaded from the online message center, giving you full visibility of your voicemails at all times, and from any location.

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How Can I Send a Voicemail to my Email?

With, sending a voicemail message to your email address is quick and easy. In fact, you don't even need to do anything - for every unanswered call, we'll automatically record your voicemail message and forward it to the email address of your choosing as an attachment, allowing you to download or forward voicemails with ease. Each message is also stored in your online message center, along with information on the caller, time and duration. This means you can check voicemails on the go through any smart device.

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How Voicemail2MyEmailSM Can Help Your Business?

In the modern business world, being tied to our office desks is a thing of the past. This means traditional voicemail services simply don't work - you need to be able to check messages on the go, at any time, and from any location. Voicemail2MyEmailSM gives your business the freedom to keep on top of voicemails, no matter where in the world you're located. In your intuitive online message center you can also add notes to each voicemail which everyone with access can see, making it easy to track requests and solve queries across your business.

Benefits of Voicemail2MyEmailSM

  • Send voicemail to email
  • Access voicemails from anywhere
  • Easily forward voicemails
  • Access voicemail data
  • Add notes to voicemails
  • Never miss important messages
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Why Choose

Voicemail2MyEmailSM is just one benefit in a long list you can enjoy with All our virtual phone numbers come with a range of additional features and benefits, from automatic time/day call scheduling through to IVR and custom greetings. Everything is handled in the cloud, meaning there's no complicated set up or equipment to worry about. In fact, your new number could be ready to go in as little as three minutes! We offer flexible plans with no long-term contracts, so you always remain in control of your business bottom line.

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Voicemail to Email FAQs

  • Yes! Voicemail2MyEmailSM is a feature included with your number. Once activated, you can select an email address, and then all unanswered calls and voicemails will be sent to that address. It couldn't be easier - once set up with your virtual number, your voicemails will be sent automatically to email! This means anywhere you have an internet and email connection, you can quickly and easily access your full range of voicemail messages.

  • Nothing! Voicemail2MyEmailSM is included as a feature with all our virtual numbers, so once you have a virtual number set up, there's no additional cost for this service. If you're interested in trying a virtual phone number with voicemail to email included, our pricing page breaks down your options. You can also try a free trial, so you can explore firsthand how our service works before you commit.

  • As Voicemail2MyEmailSM is included with your virtual number, you can set it up the second your new number is live. At, our services are 100% cloud based, meaning there's no complicated hardware or long set up times. Everything is handled online, and your new number could be ready to go in as little as three minutes. Once your number is live, you can handle all your additional features and settings via our intuitive online dashboard.

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