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A toll free number allows you to easily connect with customers all around the world. Our toll free phone numbers are all cloud based, making them quick and easy to set up. In fact, in just three minutes you could be routing local and international calls to any location of your choosing. As well as seamless call routing, your toll free number comes with a range of additional benefits to help make business communications simple.

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What Does Toll Free Mean?

A toll free number is a telephone number that does not cost the person making the call. The recipient of the call - usually a business or customer service - pays for the minutes used. These numbers mean customers can reach businesses or services that aren't in their local area, without being charged the cost of a long-distance call. Toll free numbers start with a toll free code - usually 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833. Toll free numbers with also come with a range of additional business benefits, from scheduled call routing through to IVR and custom greetings.

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How Can a Toll Free Number Help Your Business?

A toll free number doesn't just provide your customers with a free way to contact you - it also allows you to answer calls from anywhere. Our bespoke call routing lets you direct calls to anywhere in the world, and even set up a chain of reroutes so if the first number doesn't answer, the call can be routed elsewhere. You'll never miss an important call again! Our toll free numbers come with a range of features including voicemail to email, fax to email, IVR, custom greetings, time/day scheduling, call routing, and real time reporting, giving you advanced call management capabilities and allowing you to adapt your toll free number around your business needs.

Benefits of Toll Free Phone Numbers

  • Cloud based phone numbers
  • Professional number
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Forward calls to any location
  • Additional features
  • No charge for callers
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Why Choose

Toll free numbers with guarantee excellent call quality. For each inbound call, our multi-carrier system cycles through a range of networks to select the highest quality connection, so you can enjoy crystal clear call quality, every time. Additionally, all of our local and toll free numbers fall under our simple, transparent pricing plan. We believe flexibility over your outgoings is key, so we don't tie you into any long term contracts or commitments - just the call routing minutes you need, when you need them.

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Toll Free Number FAQs

  • At, we offer a vast inventory of toll free numbers for businesses all around the world. You can use the 'virtual number inventory' in our navigation to explore the countries we offer virtual and toll free numbers in, visit our rates page to get started, or contact our team who will be happy to help with your query.

  • When a customer dials a toll free number, such as a 1-800 number, the telephone network switch point recognizes the number as toll free due to its prefix. The switch point then follows the routing instructions given by the owner of the toll free number, directing the call to the forwarding number requested - usually the standard number for the business or call center. The call is then transferred through to this existing business number, and the owner of that number is billed for the call.

    This may sound like a lengthy process, but it occurs almost instantaneously. When a customer dials your toll free number, they can be speaking to you in seconds.

  • Toll free numbers are most frequently used by businesses and customer service centers or hotlines that need to connect with customers all around the world. A toll free number allows quick and easy communication with customers, without them being charged long-distance calling fees for the call.

  • Toll free numbers allow callers to call you at no charge to them, so yes, toll free numbers are free for callers. The call charges are reversed, and the minutes are paid for by the organization the calls are routed to.

    If you're an organization looking for a toll free number, you can choose to pay as you go and only pay for the exact number of minutes you use, or explore medium, large, and high volume plans, which offer a lower rate for a higher number of minutes. Our call rates page shows you the plans and packages we have available here at

  • If you call a toll free number from a cell phone without an unlimited calling plan, the call may use your available minutes. We'd recommend checking with your service provider for full information on how toll free numbers may affect your call minutes.

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