Real Time Call Analytics

With live call center reporting and call report data, you can instantly view detailed information about calls made to your phone number. Use real time call reporting to learn about your customers' call habits and help make decisions about outbound sales and follow-up.

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What is Call Center Real Time Reporting?

Real time reporting allows you to collect, measure and analyze your call analytics in real time. This call data and reporting means you can measure the efficiency of virtual numbers and calls, using this information to make informed business decisions based on your customers' call habits. With, real time reporting is included with every virtual number, giving you quick and easy access to your telephone call history and phone reports via your call analytics dashboard.

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How Call Analytics Can Help Your Business

Call analytics means you can track success across your call center or workplace as well as identify your customers' call habits to help make informed future business decisions. With real time reporting, you can instantly monitor inbound calls and access data on dates, time, geographic location, hold times, durations, and much more, showing exactly how your customers interact with your business. Real time call analytics help you predict customer behavior, improving decision making across the board.

Benefits of Real Time Call Reporting

  • Instant call analytics
  • Learn customer call habits
  • Improve decision making
  • Intuitive analytics dashboard
  • Analyze hold times and call durations
  • Improve efficiency

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Real Time Call Reporting FAQs

  • At, real time call analytics comes free with all our virtual numbers. This means, with any toll free, international, virtual number, you can access call data in real time without the need for any add-ons.

    To get started, browse our range of virtual numbers or visit our Pricing Page for plan-specific information.

  • If you're looking for recent phone call reports, telephone call history, or detailed information on customer call habits, you can access it instantly via your intuitive call analytics dashboard. Everything is managed in the cloud, so you aren't tied to a desk or complicated hardware - you can simply access your telephone call history and phone reports at any time, from anywhere!

  • In a larger business or call center, it is important to keep track of and analyze your call data to ensure efficiency. With a virtual number from, there are a range of metrics you can analyze, from call durations and hold times through to dates, times and geographic location. This live call center reporting means you have a constant insight into metrics across your business.

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