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It's never been easier to connect with your Australian customers than with a virtual Australian phone number from

Our Australian phone numbers come with no set-up fee and you can be up and running in just a few simple steps. Our local Australian numbers start at just $4/month. View our pricing page to learn more

About Australia Toll Free

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Why choose an Australian virtual phone number

Whether you have an existing client base in Australia or are considering entering the market, a virtual Australian phone number is an easy-to-use and cost-effective calling solution that enables your Australian customers to reach your business, no matter where you're located in the world.

Australia is a big country and full of opportunities for expanding businesses. It is home to many large cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and more, all of which have thriving consumer markets, making them excellent for market entry. Continue reading to learn more about our virtual Australian numbers, including how to buy them, the features they include, and more.


How to buy an Australian virtual phone number online

Australia does not require you to provide any additional documentation when purchasing a local or toll free Australian virtual number. As such, you can buy an Australia virtual number online in just a few easy steps!

  1. Choose your desired number type and minute plan – choose whether you want a national, toll free, or local number and select a monthly or annual minute plan that meets your needs
  2. Verify your account by email – we’ll register your number on your behalf
  3. Manage your new virtual number in the Online Control Center – add, edit, or remove a forwarding line in minutes

Visit our blog on how to buy a virtual phone number to learn more about buying an Australia number online.


Most Popular Australia Virtual Phone Numbers

City Price From
Australia Toll Free from $15 / month Buy
Sydney from $4 / month Buy
Australia 1300 from $15 / month Buy
Melbourne from $4 / month Buy
Brisbane from $4 / month Buy
Australia Mobile from $10 / month Buy
Perth from $4 / month Buy
Adelaide from $4 / month Buy
Gold Coast from $4 / month Buy
City Price From
Canberra from $4 / month Buy
Sunshine Coast from $4 / month Buy
Wollongong from $4 / month Buy
Newcastle from $4 / month Buy
Murray Bridge from $4 / month Buy
Launceston from $4 / month Buy
Darwin from $4 / month Buy
Cessnock from $4 / month Buy

Can't see the number you need? Contact us for additional locations and vanity numbers.

Australia Virtual Phone Number Features

Australia Phone Number FAQs

  • A virtual number is a number that isn’t tied to one specific phone line, meaning you don’t need a physical in Australia to establish a presence there. With a virtual number, everything is handled via the cloud, making call forwarding from your Australian customer base quick and easy.

    With a virtual Australian phone number, you can forward, route, and redirect calls to any location in the world. These call forwarding capabilities make a virtual number a great choice for businesses looking to expand internationally; you can enjoy all the benefits of a locally recognized Australian number without the need for a physical office.

  • At, our call forwarding service in Australia includes local business numbers and toll free, free calls numbers in Australia. Simply use the dropdown at the top of this page to select the type of Australian phone number you need, or visit our rates and packages page.

  • Getting a virtual number in Australia is quick and easy with Everything can be set-up online, and as your new call forwarding service requires no complicated or costly on-site hardware, you could be ready to start receiving calls through your Australia phone number in as little as three minutes.

    Alternatively, you can contact our friendly customer support team who will be happy to talk you through your call forwarding options, select the best package for your business needs, and get you started with your new local number in Australia.

  • We’re proud to offer virtual phone numbers all across Australia. Alongside national toll free numbers in Australia, we offer local numbers in popular Australian cities including; Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Cessnock, Darwin, Gold Coast, Launceston, Melbourne, Murray Bridge, Newcastle, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, and Wollongong.

  • Yes. At, we pride ourselves on the vast inventory of virtual and toll free numbers we have available, including within Australia. Simply select whether you require a local, national, or toll free number and you can choose the option you prefer.

How to Call Australia

Local telephone numbers in Australia consist of eight digits, split into a four-digit Exchange Code, and a four-digit number. A local phone number in Australia example would be written as XXXX XXX.

Numbers in Australia are divided into states, meaning each number also contains a single digit Area Code. Within Australia, you also must dial the Australian “Trunk Access Code” of zero before the Area Code. A local full phone number in Australia has ten digits and can be formatted as follows; (0X) XXXX XXXX. For Australian phone numbers intended for international customers, the Country Code 61 is used in place of the “Trunk Access Code”. An international Australian number would be formatted as follows; +61X XXXX XXXX. For more information about telephone numbers in Australia, visit ACMA.

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