International Toll Free Numbers

An international toll free number (ITFN) is a number that your customers can call at no charge to them. Calls can be placed in one location and then rerouted via the cloud to any location worldwide, instantly. An international toll free number offers your overseas customers a recognizable number they can trust, while you can enjoy flexibility in your business location.

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What is an International Toll Free Number?

An international toll free number is simply a phone number that can direct international calls to your business. You can choose an international toll free number with a prefix that is familiar to your overseas customers, and they can call you on that number at no cost to them. Calls to the number are instantly rerouted to your chosen phone line, be that your office, home or cell. International numbers bring the benefits of an easy-to-use domestic number to your worldwide customer base, helping make your communications seamless.

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How Can an International Number Help Your Business?

Many customers are put off by placing a call overseas, especially when it comes to the call charges. This can negatively affect your business, as you may lose out on potential new customers or risk losing existing ones by not being able to help with queries. An international toll free number gets rid of these worries; the customer can place calls to your business for free, with you paying for the minutes your business uses. You can opt for a local, recognizable phone number that will instantly help build trust and loyalty with your brand, without you needing to relocate or open new offices overseas.

Benefits of International Numbers

  • Send calls to any location
  • Customers can reach you easily
  • Target local markets
  • Choose a recognizable number
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Business mobility
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Why Choose

An international phone number from is a great option to help expand your business overseas. Our international numbers don't just come with a range of additional features and benefits - they're incredibly quick and easy to set up. As our service is 100% cloud-based, you don't need any costly installation. Instead, your new number could be up and running in as little as three minutes! With 24/7 customer support and no obligation contracts, try and see how we can help your business grow.

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International Toll Free Number FAQs

  • You can get an international toll free phone number with We have international numbers in countries all over the world - just visit our vast Virtual Number Inventory to see the options available.

  • A toll free number can be called internationally, meaning a caller based overseas can use a specific number to reach your company without being charged for the call. However, the numbers are still assigned to specific countries, designed to be called free of charge from within this country. So, if you choose a US toll free number to target a US market, calls to this number will be free from within the US. If a customer tries to call your US number from outside the US, they may be charged or unable to place the call.

  • Many of our international toll free numbers come with no obligation free trials, so you can see the benefits of a virtual number without paying a penny. Explore the countries available in the dropdown at the top of the page to see if your chosen location comes with a free trial.

  • Yes! We have a vast inventory of virtual numbers to choose from, including local and national toll free numbers, so you can select an option that suits your business.

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