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Make your Mark in Canada

With a number, talking to over 37 million Canadians has never been easier. Select a number, activate it in 60 seconds, and start reaching one of the world’s biggest markets for the very first time.’s state-of-the-art routing system transfers calls to your office, PBX, or call center at any time. You can forward customer calls to wherever you or your colleagues happen to be. We have no limit on how many devices you can forward calls to, meaning calls can come to you when you’re out of the office and to those still at HQ. You need never miss a call again.

A Canada virtual phone number is a powerful tool when your business operates across different time zones using different dialing codes. Customers who use your product or service might be put off when they discover they have to phone abroad in order to reach your customer service team.


An Easier Way for Your Canadian Customers to Reach You

A number makes it easier for your existing Canadian customers to reach you and increases your appeal to new ones, and it could not be easier to get started.

We have one the biggest inventories of numbers around, meaning we’ll never be short of the product that best fits your requirements. We have numbers available in every major Canadian city, allowing you to select the area that’s right for your business. From the bustling city of Toronto to the beautiful landscapes of Vancouver, you can base your business anywhere in the country you choose. We have numbers available in 14 major Canadian cities including Montreal, Hamilton, Winnipeg, and Ottawa. Pick a city-based number to boost your business presence wherever your customers are.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Our cloud-based system allows for seamless online setup in a matter of minutes, and every virtual number comes with a free 20-day no risk-free trial.


Total Control of Your Call History

A Canadian virtual number from comes packed with incredible features that seamlessly connect you with your customers. Jump into your intuitive online dashboard, and you can find easy to read, real time reporting of all the calls made through your virtual number. It can offer valuable information on the calling habits of your customers, which you can then communicate back to your sales team.

You can also record some or all your incoming calls. Stored online, they can be played back or downloaded at any time. For quality and training purposes, this can be an invaluable feature for ensuring you’re getting the most out of your new level of Canadian communication. You can even setup an IVR, designed to route callers to the correct department for more efficient call-forwarding.

All these features and more are available to everyone who signs up today for a Canadian virtual phone number with


Create a Virtual Canadian Number For Less

Entering new markets comes with a high level of risk. Setup costs like a new office, market research, staff, and a new marketing strategy quickly pile up. For many, it isn’t worth the risk.

With a virtual number, you can launch in a prosperous market like Canada without any of the usual risks that come with it. Keep your existing premises and staff, using a virtual number to create a presence without the cost.

What’s more, our simple and clear pricing makes a toll free Canadian number a possibility for businesses of all sizes. Starting at just $4 a month, you can choose from a plethora of pricing options to suit all needs.

With pay-as-you-go, you only pay for the forwarding minutes you use, allowing you the flexibility to try us out and discover the benefits. Alternatively, you can save by investing in pre-paid bundles at fixed monthly prices, which come with discounted rates for additional minutes.