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Try a Virtual Spanish Phone Number in the Cloud

With a virtual phone number in Spain, reaching your global customer base has never been easier. At, you can opt for a cloud-based virtual phone number. This number isn’t tied to one specific phone line but instead draws on the power of the cloud to seamlessly forward calls to any location in the world, be it your office, landline or cell. This not only gives you full flexibility in terms of where you’re based, but also means no expensive or time-consuming equipment or set-up is required.

We use the most sophisticated Cloud-PBX telecommunications technology to cycle through a vast range of carriers for each incoming call, selecting the best-quality connection. This means you can enjoy clear and crisp call quality, every time, no matter where you’re based. This reliable network is just one reason over 20,000 businesses are using our services to connect to their customers.


Virtual Phone Numbers in Spain With Powerful Features

Whether you’re looking for a national Spanish phone number to give your business a sense of prestige, or you need a local number to build trust with a regional customer base, offer a vast inventory of numbers to choose from, each packed with a powerful range of features. Time-of-day routing gives you the power to adapt calling to your business schedule, sending calls to specific locations depending on where is most convenient to you. Plus, you can set up a bespoke chain of reroutes so if the first number isn’t available, your call can be sent elsewhere.

Other features include an IVR, helping direct incoming calls to the correct department with the touch of a button – reducing admin time and money for you. Additional personalization options such as custom greetings help inject personality into your Spanish phone number.


Get a Spain Phone Number With Flexible Costs and No Commitment

We understand the importance of staying in control of your business bottom line. With our virtual phone numbers in Spain, you’re offered full flexibility. We don’t tie you into any long-term contracts or commitments, and you can adapt your packages at any time.

Our virtual phone numbers in Spain are available in a range of packages to suit your needs and budgets. Our pricing page details a number of options, from Starter packages ideal for those just setting up their first virtual number through to Large packages allowing a higher volume of calls at a better rate. If you’re expecting a large number of calls each month, simply get in touch with our friendly team who can talk you through our bespoke packages.

All our virtual Spanish phone numbers come with a free-trial and no long-term commitment – why not try today and see how can help grow your business in Spain?