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Give your customers in France a convenient, recognizable way to reach you. Handle thousands of minutes of incoming calls every month with a virtual number wherever you need it.

For those with a presence in the French market, international call forwarding with can take calls and pass them onto any of your existing phone lines - mobile, landline, or PBX.

Using your intuitive online dashboard, you can set up new numbers in seconds. When you’re all set, you’ll benefit from industry-leading Cloud PBX smart features such as time-of-day forwarding and real-time call records, helping you maximize your customer service in an economy as large as France.

Add or delete numbers whenever you like. Setup takes just a few minutes and requires no complicated technology or pre-existing knowledge - with no long-term commitments, you can cancel at any time.


Setup a Virtual Number Anywhere in France offers a huge inventory of numbers for you to choose from, which are accessible from both landlines and mobile phones. You can choose whichever option suits your business and customer needs:

  • Toll Free 800
  • Toll Free 805
  • National
  • Local

If you’re focusing on a particular market within France, you can get local numbers in different French cities routed to phones anywhere in the world. Say you’re based in Houston and you have a customer in Paris, a number can be set up in the French capital in minutes. From Rennes to Nice, we have local France virtual numbers to help you target customers all over the country.

Alternatively, you can relieve the burden of any cost from your customers with a toll free 800 or 805 number from Whichever is right for your business, you’ll build a greater rapport with your customers without taking undue risk.


Features That Boost Your Service

Our virtual France numbers come with an excited suite of features that can help you bring out the best of your enhanced communication tool. With Time/Day Schedule, you can use robust scheduling options to route calls to different numbers whenever you need to. During working hours, send calls to your customer service team. By night, send them straight to voicemail. It’s all made possible by us in seconds.

Elsewhere, introduce an IVR system to help customers get to the right department with the minimum of fuss. Include a customer greeting for that extra personal touch. Plus, with local dialling tones, your customers will feel right at home when they give you a call.

It’s all possible thanks to our sophisticated Cloud PBX system. Features can be controlled at your discretion via your online dashboard. Sign-up now to jump in and join 20,000 businesses who trust’s virtual numbers. Click below to start a free trial.


Virtual numbers with flexible pricing

All our virtual numbers in France come with the same simple, flexible pricing structure that keeps you in control. Our tiered packages offer businesses of all sizes and need an option for a virtual phone number.

If this is your first foray into virtual phone numbers, you might consider our pay-as-you-go plan. Only pay for the minutes you need to, ensuring you can see the benefits of a France virtual number before you commit. Once you’re converted, our monthly plans offer better call rates without ever taking control away from you. Our Starter, Medium, and Large packages offer every business an option that suits them. Think you’ll be handling a larger number of calls? Give our customer support team a call for discounted rates for a high volume of minutes.

And don’t forget, each of our packages come with a 20-day free trial. Sign-up below for a risk-free way to reach your customers in France.