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+34 delivers you customers in Vigo by phone

Looking to enter the Spanish market but not sure how you’ll get a foothold in regional cities? A number in Vigo could be the perfect start.

With loads of smart features, our numbers offer a cost-effective and convenient way for your existing customers to contact you and a great tool for attracting new ones.

International call forwarding allows you to route your calls from Vigo to any phone, either mobile, office, call center or home, anywhere in the world. And not just one either. You can forward calls to multiple lines.

If your business operates across different time zones, you can also set up your number so clients always have someone in your business they can reach.


Don’t want to spend big on office space? can help

Setting up a new office anywhere can be a daunting and expensive task. If your business isn’t ready to blow the budget on a new office and staff in Vigo, then set up the next best thing: a virtual office with a dedicated Spanish phone number

With a Vigo local number, your customers can contact you, wherever you are, by calling a number with a Vigo prefix. They can use either a mobile or landline. You’ll never have to miss another important call and your customers will appreciate the convenience and reliability.


Your quick and easy way to new customers in northwestern Spain

Vigo is an important industrial center in Spain. Located in the northwestern Spanish region of Galicia, it has an exciting and diverse economy. The city is Europe’s largest fishing port and home to the world’s largest fishing company.

Not only that, it’s a major vehicle manufacturing center which also supports the local auto parts and marine engine industry. There are new business opportunities just waiting to be tapped.

If you’re looking to test the market in Spain with a new product or service, a number is the ideal way to make an entrance. Simply select a number from our huge online inventory and you’ll be activated within 60 seconds!

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