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Is your company excited by Australia’s booming economy? A virtual number can make business opportunities in Melbourne a reality for a fraction of the price of setting up an office.

With international call forwarding, you can take calls on any of your existing phone lines - mobile, landline, or PBX. You can also change your settings at any time with our easy-to-use website, and can incorporate smart features such as time-of-day forwarding and real-time call records, to make the most of your virtual presence.

Add or delete numbers whenever you like. You won’t be locked into any long-term commitments and you don’t need any new equipment. Just select a number online from our inventory and you’ll be activated in 60 seconds.


Create a virtual office in Melbourne and save

If business travel takes you around the world, it can be tricky for your customers to get hold of you, not to mention expensive. takes the hassle out of international calling.

We offer numbers with Melbourne (and other Australian cities including Sydney) prefixes, which enable your clients to call you for the price of a local call in Australia.

Create a virtual office Down Under. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Paris or Pittsburgh, our high-quality lines mean your clients can track you down. And with crystal clarity on the line, they’ll think you’re in downtown Melbourne!


Go Down Under by phone - Make the switch to!

Melbourne is Australia’s second-largest city and an exciting commercial hub. It’s the country’s largest seaport, as well as being home to many of Australia’s biggest companies, spanning the banking and finance, pharmaceutical and mining industries among others. There are loads of opportunities to tap into for enterprising businesses.

But Melbourne is also one of the most expensive cities in the world, so setting up an office there could be prohibitive for many businesses.

A number helps you conquer the distance factor and saves you the cost of a bricks and mortar presence Down Under. It’s a great way of testing the Australian market without having a permanent presence on the ground.

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