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Choose a Cloud-Based Dubai Phone Number

With a phone number, your customers in Dubai can contact you at any time, wherever you’re located. Our service removes the need for complicated international dialling codes and instead seamlessly integrates your business with your customers by forwarding and re-routing calls to your existing phone lines – be it your office, PBX, home or cell phone.

Using only the best Cloud PBX telecommunications technology, we choose from a range of carriers when calls come in to select the highest quality connection, meaning calls are crisp and clear, every time. Everything is handled in the cloud, so your Dubai virtual phone number can be set up and activated in minutes, without the need for costly on-site hardware. This also means that all of your accounts and systems can easily be accessed from anywhere, at any time, allowing you the flexibility to manage your virtual presence in Dubai.


Dubai Virtual Phone Numbers With Powerful Features

A virtual number in Dubai from allows you to seamlessly forward international calls to any of your existing phone line. Our toll free and local virtual numbers allow the ultimate in business flexibility, with adaptable features that you can change to suit your business budget and needs.

Incorporate a range of powerful call forwarding features such as time-of-day routing, letting you forward your incoming calls based around your working schedule. Depending on the time the call is made, it can be forwarded to an office, cell or sent to voicemail. You can also set up a chain of re-routes, meaning that, if the first number is unavailable, the call is sent elsewhere – so you never miss an important call from a customer or client again.

Additional features include IVR and custom greetings, giving your business a personal touch and helping customers find the right department.


Retain Control Over Your Bottom Line

At, we have several rates to choose from, so you can control your business bottom line. From Pay As You Go to monthly or annual payments, choose a payment plan that best suits your business needs.

We offer Dubai virtual phone number and call forwarding packages that adapt to you. If you’re a smaller business, a Starter plan is ideal to get you up and running, quickly establishing your presence in Dubai. If you’re handling a large volume of calls, our Large or High Volume packages allow you to seamlessly manage forwarding and re-routing on a larger scale. There is no limit to the number of lines and extensions you can add to your business phone system, so expansion is simple.

Getting started with your new virtual phone number in Dubai takes as little as three minutes. Try today, and see how you can grow your business with