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Boost Your Revenue with a Dubai Virtual Phone Number


Expand into Dubai with a local phone number!

Thinking of getting in on the action in Dubai? can take you there and bring your customers to you with a virtual phone number.

Our numbers come with great smart features including fax and voicemail-to-email, and international call forwarding. You can route calls to multiple locations around the world, using mobile, office, home or PBX lines.

It’s simple: Just choose a number from our huge online inventory and activate it within 60 seconds. And, with no set-up costs and no long term commitment required, you can be expanding your business’s reach without leaving the office!


Create a virtual presence in Dubai

Let’s face it, customers just aren’t going to call you on an international line. It’s expensive for them and dialing codes can be confusing, particularly if you have multiple offices around the world and they need to find you.

With a Dubai number, your clients will be able to reach you anywhere in the world for the cost of a local call. They can call you from landlines and mobile phones from within the Gulf state. And, with our crystal clear lines, they’ll think you’re in downtown Dubai!


Connect your business to a world city

Dubai has emerged in recent years as one of the most exciting and fastest-growing cities in the world. It’s the major business hub for the United Arab Emirates, built on the back of its oil wealth.

However, it has also become a major tourist destination and trading hub, as well as a vibrant real estate and construction market. In 2020 the city will host Expo 2020, which will offer a whole new range of exciting business opportunities for foreign companies.

Save yourself the hassle of setting up in the UAE and let bring your customers to you - by phone!

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