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Thinking about extending your reach into Southeast Asia but unsure how to do it? Stop worrying about setting up an office and hiring new staff and instead get a virtual phone number from

You can change your settings at any time with our easy-to-use website, and incorporate smart features such as time-of-day forwarding and real-time call records.

Add or delete numbers whenever you like and remember - there are never any long-term commitments, so you can cancel at any time. You’ll experience crystal-clear call quality at low monthly rates!


Create a virtual office in the Thai capital

A virtual number in Bangkok enables your customers in the Thai capital to call you, using either a landline or mobile number, wherever you are. With call forwarding, that gives you great flexibility.

And it also gives your customers an inexpensive and convenient way to reach out to you. They’ll appreciate the recognizable Bangkok number, without the hassle of international dialing codes.


Your gateway to Southeast Asia!

Bangkok is one of Asia’s most exciting destinations, drawing millions of tourists each year. It offers great economic opportunities in manufacturing, construction, real estate, and finance.

Tap into the energy of Southeast Asia, without even leaving your home base! A virtual number from brings Bangkok to you by phone. Don’t make excuses about the hassles of international expansion. Get on the phone with!

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