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Expand into Asia with South Korea Virtual Numbers


South Korea is a country that boasts sprawling metropolitan areas, thriving farmlands, first-class telecommunications systems, and a strong middle class. The economy has experienced steady growth over the last several decades, and the Korean people have a thirst for the best technology the world has to offer them. This incredibly important Asian marketplace is attractive to many business owners, but global expansion requires tremendous investment at tremendous risk.  However, forward-thinking companies all over the world know that they can reach a new and booming Korean customer base without risking the bottom line. How are they doing it? With South Korea virtual numbers from

How do South Korea Virtual Numbers Promote Business Growth?


Virtual telephone numbers have helped level the playing field, giving even the smallest enterprises access to new markets. Through internet telephony, local and toll free numbers in South Korea can be pointed to any existing telephone number, anywhere in the world. takes this technology one step further, by offering a service that works seamlessly with any existing communications system. Whether your company operates on a best-of-breed hosted PBX system or you work from a cell phone, South Korean virtual numbers can be delivered to your business without adding any hardware to your system or purchasing additional software.

With, businesses can create a virtual presence in South Korea, and still maintain strong customer relationships. By strategically utilizing our standard smart call forwarding features like simultaneous ringing and time of day call routing, calls can be pointed to an after-hours call center or designated agent to account for changes in time zones. Ring-to numbers can be changed at any time through a simple, online control center. That control center also gives administrators access to real-time call reports to help plan call routing, staffing, and future marketing efforts. With South Korean virtual numbers from, customer calls never have to go unanswered.


Get Instant Activation and a Free Test Run of South Korea Virtual Numbers understands that business owners don’t want to worry about their communications network. They simply want it to work, and they want it at a great price.  That’s why we’ve simplified our process by offering instant activation of South Korea virtual numbers. Just choose a number and it will be ready to go in under three minutes. That number is yours to test out free for ten days, with no obligation and no hidden setup fees.