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Looking to expand your client base in Qatar? Setting up a new office in a foreign country can be difficult and expensive. Why not put the budget to better use and set up a virtual phone number instead? offers a simple and cost-effective alternative to a bricks-and-mortar presence in Qatar and gives your customers in the Gulf state a convenient and reliable way to reach you, anywhwere any time.

Your number comes with a host of great features, including smart-call forwarding, which enables you to route calls from Qatar to your office, home phone, mobile, PBX or call center. You can also arrange for voicemails and faxes to convert to email.

You can add and delete numbers as you choose, as you’re not locked into any long-term arrangements.


Easy access to your Qatari clients at no cost to them!

We offer toll free numbers that are accessible from any landline in Qatar and also Q-Tel mobile phones. Your Qatari clients will appreciate the convenience of calling you from a number free of charge to them.

And with call forwarding you can be reached anywhere in the world you happen to be at the time.


Tap into the world’s wealthiest country, without leaving home!

Qatar is the world’s richest country and has the third-largest reserves of natural gas. There is no income tax in Qatar, meaning there is a lot of disposable income among its 1.8 million inhabitants, many of whom are expatriates.

That means a lot of potential business opportunities you won’t want to miss! And with virtual it’s as simple as choosing a number from our online inventory and activating it in 60 seconds!

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