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Explore our selection of Philippines virtual phone numbers and start receiving calls from your local customers today!

We offer a wide selection of Philipinnes virtual numbers, including local, national, and toll free options. Our Philippines numbers start at as little as $23/month. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

About Philippines Toll Free - Mobile Enabled

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Why Choose a Philippines Virtual Phone Number

A Philippines phone number makes it easier than ever to connect with your Philippines customers, no matter where your business is located in the world. Simply choose your desired number type and minute plan, follow the sign-up process outlined below, and start receiving calls to your Philippines phone number.

Our Philippines virtual numbers are cloud-based, meaning you only need a high-speed internet connection to access them. You never need to worry about hosting or maintaining any complex equipment. Any changes to your numbers or account can be easily handled using our intuitive online dashboard. Explore our complete range of Philippines virtual phone numbers today and find an option that meets your business needs.


How to Buy a Philippines Virtual Phone Number Online

Buying a Philippines virtual phone number online is easy. However, the Philippines does require you to submit certain documents when registering. You can buy a Philippines virtual number online in just a few easy steps!

  1. Choose your desired number type and minute plan – choose whether you want a national, toll free, or local number and select a monthly or annual minute plan that meets your needs
  2. Verify your account by email and provide additional documents – the Philippines requires you to provide proof of identity and local address for individuals as well as a business registration number for businesses. Once you’ve provided the correct documentation, we’ll handle the setup for you
  3. Manage your new virtual number in the Online Control Center – add, edit, or remove a forwarding line in minutes

Visit our blog on how to buy a virtual phone number to learn more about buying a Philippines number online.


Most Popular Philippines Virtual Phone Numbers

City Price From
Philippines Toll Free - Mobile Enabled from $23 / month Buy
Manila from $27 / month Buy
Philippines Mobile from $23 / month Buy
Cebu from $23 / month Buy
City Price From
Davao from $23 / month Buy
Pampanga from $23 / month Buy
Zamboanga from $23 / month Buy

Philippines Virtual Phone Number Features

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Philippines virtual phone number is a cloud-based number that follows the local Philippines number format. Therefore, your Philippines customers can easily contact your business, no matter where you are located in the world.

  • Calls made to your Philippines number can be forwarded to any existing phone line you control. This includes your business phone, mobile phone, or personal line. You could also forward calls to a call center.

How to Call the Philippines

Local telephone numbers in the Philippines are comprised of an area code between one and three digits, and a fixed number. This number is eight digits long for area code 02, and seven digits long for area codes 03X to 09X. The country calling code for the Philippines is +63. Therefore, a sample telephone number in the Philippines is +63 02 XXXX XXXX.

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