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Virtual Philippines Phone Numbers in the Cloud

With a local or toll free number from, you can grow your business in the Philippines from anywhere in the world. Simply choose your cloud-based virtual number from our online inventory and start receiving calls in as little as three minutes.

Using advanced Cloud PBX telecommunication technology, you can expect high-quality call quality every time. We choose from multiple carriers to ensure exceptional connectivity, no matter where you are. Launching a Philippines number in the cloud means everything is hosted and handled remotely by internet or PSTN, giving you flexibility and easy access to your number from any given location, without the need for complicated on-site hardware.

A cloud-based Philippines number with call forwarding boasts features to handle your business inbound calls, voicemails, fax and extensions, with bespoke scheduling options to adapt perfectly to your business.


Extensive Collection of Philippines Virtual Numbers

Our cloud-based Philippines numbers allow you to tap into new markets, giving customers the opportunity to reach you wherever you are based.

At, we offer an exceptional online inventory of virtual phone numbers spanning over 120 counties, with a range of options for a virtual phone number in the Philippines. You can choose a mobile-enabled virtual cell phone number in the Philippines. With SMS capabilities, connecting to your customers has never been easier!

For business throughout the Philippines, a toll free or national number allows calls to be re-routed to any location across the world. Alternatively, a local Philippines number can help build a community-based feel, making you more accessible to local customers and enhancing familiarity. Calls can be forwarded to any number on any device, be it your mobile phone, office phone, or landline. You’ll never miss a call from a customer again.


Full Control with Powerful Features

Whether toll free or local, a virtual phone number in the Philippines allows you to seamlessly connect with your customers from anywhere in the world. With, you use an intuitive online dashboard, allowing you to easily monitor and control the settings and features linked to your virtual number. Account changes can be made within seconds from anywhere in the world.

Powerful, adaptable features including time-of-day forwarding, letting you route calls to whichever number you choose depending on the time that the call is made. Real-time call records allow you to monitor your virtual presence, while IVR and custom greetings enhance the customer journey, helping to connect your callers to the right department and cutting down internal business admin time. With real-time reporting and cloud-based management, getting the most out of your virtual phone number in the Philippines has never been easier.


Enjoy Flexibility, and Simple, Transparent Pricing

With a virtual phone number in the Philippines, you remain in control. We understand the need for business flexibility, so we don’t tie you into any long-term contracts, plan types or commitments.

Our local and toll free numbers are available in a selection of packages and plans dependent on your business needs. Our plans span from Starter packages, ideal for any businesses just setting up their first virtual Philippines phone number, up to the Large package, designed for seamlessly handling a large volume of calls at a better rate for you.

All our Philippines virtual phone numbers come with a free trial that’s cancellable any time. Sign up today and see first-hand how our services can positively impact your business.