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Reach Customers in Iran with a Cloud-Based Virtual Number

At, our service eliminates the need for costly new equipment or time consuming onsite installation. Instead, with an Iran virtual phone number, your entire system is hosted in the cloud and includes Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange). This equipment-free telecommunications solution allows you full flexibility and control of your Iranian virtual number, with no limit to the number of extensions you can add. As everything is hosted in the cloud, you can quickly and easily access and change your settings in seconds via your intuitive online dashboard.

Getting a virtual number in Iran with our Cloud PBX also guarantees a reliable network, meaning you can count on clear and crisp call quality every time. For each incoming call, our multi-carrier system selects the highest quality connection, so communications with your customer base are seamless from anywhere in the world.


Get a Virtual Phone Number in Iran With Powerful Features

Managing your business communications from Iran has never been easier. At you can choose from a vast inventory of virtual numbers in Iran to suit your business needs, all boasting a range of powerful features and benefits.

IVR services (Interactive Voice Response) can instantly increase efficiency in your business communication. This automated feature means customers are given an immediate response when they call, helping them learn more about your services or directing their call to the appropriate department – saving you internal admin time. Smart call forwarding features such as time/day scheduling allow you to route calls based on the time in which they are made, adapting your communications around your business hours. Send calls to your main call center during business hours, and to a landline, cell or voicemail out of hours.


Iran Virtual Phone Numbers With Simple, Transparent Pricing

We understand how important it is for a business to stay in control of their bottom line. That’s why we don’t tie our customers into any complicated or costly long-term contracts and have absolutely no set-up fees. We pride ourselves on leading customer service, so if you have any questions on the best plan for your business, our support team are here to help.

Our transparent pricing options are adaptable depending on your business needs. If you’re just starting out with an Iran virtual phone number, you can select the Starter package. If your business is growing and your communications have increased, simply upgrade to a Large or High Volume package, allowing you to seamlessly manage a large number of calls.

Getting started with your Iran virtual phone number couldn’t be easier, and you could be ready to go in a matter of minutes. Try today and see how we can help grow your business in Iran.