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Getting started with a Ghana phone number is easy and can be accomplished in a few short steps. Explore our complete selection of Ghana numbers, starting at $35/month.

About Ghana Mobile

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Ghana Phone Numbers in the Cloud

For businesses both large and small, there are a range of benefits to opting for a Ghana phone number. At, our adaptable features bring a variety of call management capabilities, meaning you can adjust your service options to suit your Ghana business needs.

IVR settings allow custom greeting and intuitive menus for connecting callers to the correct department, while time/day scheduling makes it easy to work around hours that suit you best. If main business hours are 9-5, calls to your Ghana phone number coming in at this time can be re-routed directly to your main office. Outside of peak hours, calls can be directed to voicemail or forwarded on to a mobile or home phone – meaning you never miss an important call again.


How to buy a Ghana virtual phone number online

Buying a Ghana virtual phone number online is easy. However, Ghana does require you to submit certain documents when registering. You can buy a Ghana virtual number online in just a few easy steps!

  1. Choose your desired number type and minute plan – choose whether you want a national, toll free, or local number and select a monthly or annual minute plan that meets your needs
  2. Verify your account by email and provide additional documents – Ghana requires you to provide proof of identity. Once you’ve provided the correct documentation, we’ll handle the setup for you
  3. Manage your new virtual number in the Online Control Center – add, edit, or remove a forwarding line in minutes

Visit our blog on how to buy a virtual phone number to learn more about buying a Ghana number online.


Most Popular Ghana Virtual Phone Numbers

City Price From
Ghana Mobile from $35 / month Buy
City Price From
Ghana Toll Free from $168 / month Buy

Can't see the number you need? Contact us for additional locations and vanity numbers.

Ghana Virtual Phone Number Features

Ghana Phone Number FAQs

  • You can find a Ghana toll free or mobile number with Our virtual phone systems enable you to select a Ghana phone number based in the cloud, allowing you to establish or grow your presence from anywhere in the world.

  • As your Ghana number is based in the cloud, this eliminates the need for any costly onsite hardware. Setup is quick and easy and handled online via the internet or PSTN. Your new Ghana phone number could be ready to go in as little as three minutes.

How to Call Ghana

Ghana uses the ‘Ghana telephone numbering plan’ to assign numbers throughout the country, which is regulated by the National Communications Authority. Both fixed-line numbers and mobile numbers in Ghana are made up of 9 digits, which follow the trunk code ‘0’. Mobile phones in Ghana are each assigned a 3-digit network code, depending on the carrier. The international dialing code for Ghana is +233.

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