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Thinking about tapping the market in eastern Canada ? Let make it an easy entry for your business with a Montreal local number.

Our numbers come with great smart features at no extra cost. You can use international call forwarding to route calls from Montreal through to your office, home, mobile or call center. The multiple forwarding option means you can forward calls to all of these lines at the same time. Alternatively, if your business operates around the world, you can route your calls to phone lines across different time zones.

You won’t need any new equipment and there’s no setup costs. Simply select a number from our online inventory and you’ll be activated in 60 seconds.

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Give your Montreal clients an easy way to contact you, wherever you are

Setting up a new office in a foreign market can be daunting. And dealing with local phone companies can be frustrating if you need a phone line in a hurry.

At, you’ll be connected in minutes with a local Montreal number that your clients can call from anywhere within Canada for the price of a local call. The numbers can also be called from the United States, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

Our Montreal numbers have local prefixes, so your clients will call with the comfort of knowing they don’t have to worry about international dialing codes just to get hold of you. We also offer local numbers for other major cities in Canada.


Boost your profile in Montreal by setting up a virtual office

Montreal is the heart of French Canadian culture and an important commercial center for the aerospace, telecommunications, video gaming and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

It is also headquarters for a number of international bodies including the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Air Transport Association.


There are great opportunities for new business everywhere!

Don’t waste precious time agonizing over the cost of setting up an office in Montreal. Get a number and build your customer network with an easy-to-access virtual office. Your customers will be amazed at the quality and you’ll love our 24/7 service.

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