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Get a virtual Botswana number and begin receiving calls to your home, office or PBX anywhere around the world with and our global call forwarding, cloud-based software.
Our Botswana phone numbers help build trust in the local market, and take just 3 minutes to activate, with no obligations or setup fees.

About Botswana Toll Free

Powerful Virtual Phone Features from

  • Fast Setup

    Receive calls in 3 minutes

  • Global Call Forwarding

    Forward calls to home, office or PBX anywhere around the world

  • 24/7 Access to Support Team

    Dedicated support team

  • Cancel Any Time

    No obligation monthly and pay as you go options

  • 100% Cloud-Based Platform

    Add, remove, and edit numbers online

  • No Setup Fees

How It Works – 3 Simple Steps

Choose Your Number

Select a local, national or toll-free number from our vast inventory


Let us handle the sign-up - it takes just 3 minutes

Receive Calls

Immediately start receiving calls and servicing your customers


See why over 20,000 customers trust TollFreeForwarding for their virtual phone number needs

Advanced Features of Botswana Virtual Phone Numbers

Scheduled Forwarding

Robust scheduling options allow you to route your calls based on the days and hours of your business. Route your calls to your main call center during business hours and to voicemail during non-business hours.

Real Time Reporting

Instantly view detailed information about calls made to your TollFreeForwarding phone number. Learn about your customers' call habits to help make decisions about outbound sales and follow-up.

Call Recording

Keep track of your calls by recording all or some of your calls. Recorded calls are stored in call detail records and can be played or downloaded at any time.


Get a phone number that delivers your calls to any phone in the world.

Botswana Toll Free Phone Numbers


Use to get a Botswana Toll Free Local Number which forwards to your phone anywhere in the world. Set your Botswana Toll Free Local Numbers to "ring to" your hotel, office, or even your mobile phone. Botswana Toll Free virtual phone numbers can be used as Personal Numbers or Business Numbers and even support International Call Forwarding. Botswana Toll Free Numbers can be valuable tools if your company serves customers in the Botswana Toll Free area but is located elsewhere. Botswana Toll Free Local Numbers can give you the flexibility to locate your business where you live, even if you don't live in Botswana Toll Free. With as your service provider, you can add International Numbers and USA Local Numbers to your account instantly using our web interface.

Local Botswana Toll Free Phone Numbers Draw Customers


Customers in Botswana Toll Free or anywhere else feel more comfortable working with a local business. If you can't be there physically for your customers in Botswana Toll Free, you can be there virtually. offers Botswana Toll Free Local Numbers to anyone -- even businesses and individuals outside of Botswana Toll Free. Botswana Toll Free Local Numbers come in handy for anyone who travels to Botswana Toll Free often and all of our numbers support International Call Forwarding.'s easy-to-use Web site lets you forward calls from your Botswana Toll Free Local Number to any phone in the world.

Virtual Botswana Toll Free Phone Number for Free


Learn about our business pbx and get a free trial. Trust us for the best in business pbx. Put Those Botswana Phone Numbers Back on Your Terms with Today. But perhaps just as important as what you get with a TollFreeForwarding account is what you don’t get. There is no equipment to buy, no setup fees, and no contracts. Trust for your Botswana Phone Numbers. Buy your botswana toll free phone numbers to help grow your reach. Thousands of botswana toll free phone numbers to choose from. Click here for business 800 and make it easier for customers to reach you.

At, we believe your Botswana Phone Numbers should be on your terms. Give your business the global recognition it deserves with At TollFreeForwarding, Your Botswana Phone Numbers is Always Our #1 Priority! Thousands of business 800 to choose from. No matter where your business phone are answered, count on crystal-clear quality. We have the best business phone for your customers and for your business. Try the most reliable business number in the industry. Get your own business number to make it easier to stay in touch with your customers.


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