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Looking to expand your customer base in Bolivia? With a number, you can take calls from La Paz, Santa Cruz, or any other Bolivian city, on any of your existing phone lines - mobile, landline, or PBX.

You can also change your settings at any time with our easy-to-use website, and can incorporate smart features such as time-of-day forwarding and real-time call records, to make the most of your virtual presence in Bolivia.

There’s also time-of-day forwarding and real-time call records, helping you make the most of your virtual presence.

Add or delete numbers whenever you like and remember - there are never any long-term commitments, so you can cancel at any time. You’ll experience crystal-clear call quality at low monthly rates!


Set up a virtual office in La Paz and make life easier for your customers

Don’t sit around agonizing over how you’re going to afford a new office in downtown La Paz. Let make life easier for you - and your new customers - with a virtual office. offers Bolivian toll free numbers as well as local numbers in its biggest city, Santa Cruz.

Both types of numbers make it easy for your customers in Bolivia to contact your business, wherever you’re based. They can call you either toll free or for the cost of a local call anywhere within Bolivia, using either a landline or cell-phone. And with our smart call forwarding, you can receive calls from anywhere, on any line choose.

It’s that easy!


A developing economy full of opportunities - all yours with a phone line

Whilst still a developing country, Bolivia has undergone an economic transformation in recent times, buoyed by tourism, as well as its mineral wealth, particularly silver and tin. It also has Latin America’s second-largest natural gas reserves.

Whether you’re in the energy and resources industry, tourism or supplying agricultural machinery, Bolivia is ripe with business opportunities.

There are more efficient ways to expand your horizons in Bolivia than opening up an office there. Instead, set up a phone number that will cost your customers either nothing at all, or the price of a local call in Bolivia, to contact you. It’s convenient and will only take you a minute to set up and activate - and you won’t even have to leave your home base!

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