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Expand your interests in North Africa with a toll free number in Algeria!


Is Algeria part of your future business strategy?

A number can help you speed up your entry into the North African market while saving you the expense and hassle of setting up on the ground.

With smart features such as international call forwarding to multiple phone lines, you can set up numbers in Algeria and take them any place in the world. You can even arrange for voicemail and faxes to be converted into emails.

You won’t need any new equipment and you won’t be hampered by any long-term commitment. Simply select a number and activate it in 60 seconds!


Make life easier for your Algerian clients

An Algerian national number makes life easier for your existing clients there and enhances your appeal to new ones. Toll offers Algerian numbers that can be accessed by your clients from both mobile and pay phones from within Algeria.

Whether you’re looking to land a new client in Algiers or wanting to give family in Oran a convenient way to reach you, an Algerian national number takes the hassle out of calling. Your customers will appreciate being able to call you anywhere in the world.

No more clunky dialing codes and no more astronomical international phone bills! Simply dial up and your clients will be amazed at the clarity on the line. They’ll think you’re right across town!


A world of business opportunities in Algeria - without leaving home

Algeria is richly endowed with natural resources. The North African country is one of the world’s largest natural gas exporters and its oil reserves put it among the top 20 nations. Algeria also has considerable mineral wealth and is a major producer of iron and zinc, among other metals, mineral sands and stones.

If you’re in the resources industry, you won’t want to overlook Algeria. And rather than sweating on whether you have budget for a new office and new staff, consider creating a virtual office. A number can put you on the ground there by giving your customers an easy and reliable way to contact you, wherever your business is located.

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