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Call recording allows you to record all or some of your incoming calls to your virtual number. Your recorded calls are stored in your call detail records which you can access via your intuitive online dashboard, and can be played or downloaded at any time. Call recording makes it easy to share call data between colleagues for quality and training purposes and to help ensure customer service is seamless across your business.

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How to Record a Phone Call with

There are a variety of reasons a business may wish to record phone calls - for quality and training purposes, for protection against potential disputes, or for simply recording vital information. If you're looking for a way to record your calls, look no further than All our virtual and business numbers come with a call recording option, that can be activated instantly for an additional cost. Once activated, you can record, store, download, and playback calls as needed, offering full transparency on all your business communications.

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How Can Call Recording Help Your Business?

Call forwarding is a feature that is of huge business benefit. When customer service is key, call recording can help managers and supervisors monitor calls and ensure that the best service is being given at all times. Examples of great customer service and phone etiquette can be used effectively for training purposes across your business. Having a call on record also means vital details are not missed due to human error, as the call can be played back as needed. This makes it simple to hand queries over to colleagues and for errors to be resolved.

Benefits of our Call Recording Platform

  • Access call data online
  • Eliminate human error
  • Help training
  • Prevent potential disputes
  • Forward queries to colleagues
  • Ensure seamless customer service

Why Choose

Call forwarding is just one great additional benefit with We offer a variety of features and benefits to help improve communications across your business, both locally and internationally. Our virtual numbers are quick and easy to set up, with no additional software or equipment needed. In fact, your new business number could be ready to go in as little as three minutes! We also offer free trials across most of our virtual numbers, so you can see for yourself just how our numbers can help your business before you make any commitments.

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Call Recording FAQs

  • You may be wondering if it is illegal to record a phone call without consent. Phone call recording laws vary from location to location, and from state to state in the US, so we'd always recommend checking the specific laws in your location. However, to ensure your business is compliant, a simple message stating 'your call may be recorded for quality and training purposes' can help to mitigate risk.

  • Call recording with can be managed via your online dashboard. Call recording is an additional feature, so you'll need to activate it to begin storing calls.

  • Once activated, your recorded calls will be saved in your online dashboard for 30 days, or for longer if you select our long-term call recording plan. From your online dashboard, you can playback calls or download them as needed.

  • Call recording with is an optional feature, so it does come with an additional charge. You can opt for call recording for $7/month + 3¢/minute. There is also the option to upgrade call recording and enable long-term storage. For full information on our pricing, what's included with a virtual number, and what additional charges you can expect, visit our pricing page.

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