Global Call Forwarding

Many modern businesses are international entities, often with offices in multiple locations. Global business call forwarding ensures your customers can reach you wherever you're located. A virtual call forwarding number from uses one cloud-based phone system to forward business calls from anywhere in the world to your existing number, instantly.

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How Does Call Forwarding Work?

Business call forwarding works through a network of virtual phone numbers that all forward to a single centralized toll free number or regular business line. Customers can call your business phone number, and the call is instantly redirected to any existing number of your choosing, be that a cell, call center, office phone, or landline. Global call forwarding means you can set up recognizable phone numbers in new locations, without the need to relocate there - calls will simply be forwarded to wherever you are.

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How Can Call Forwarding Help Your Business?

A huge benefit of call forwarding for business is higher availability. If you're heading out of the office but expect an important call, you can have numbers to your office phone forwarded to your landline or cell. It also opens up the option to work in and target different locations - calls can be seamlessly forwarded from one call center to another, even if they're based in different countries. You can create multiple phone numbers to suit your different markets and locations, using global call forwarding to send all the calls to your primary phone line.

Benefits of Call Forwarding

  • Send calls to any location
  • Target local markets
  • Never miss important calls
  • Business mobility
  • Keep a professional number
  • Adapt to your business hours

Why Choose

Call forwarding from helps make your business communications simple. Our call forwarding service comes with a range of additional benefits for your business, including scheduled forwarding, which allows you to route calls depending on the time and day they are made. You can also set up voicemail to email, so messages to your phone line land straight into your inbox. With a dedicated support team, a 100% cloud-based platform, and Hosted PBX included, try and see how we can help your business grow.

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How It Works - 3 Simple Steps

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Business Call Forwarding FAQs

  • You can get a call forwarding number set up right here at We offer a range of virtual number options in different locations worldwide, which can all be forwarded to your existing phone line. Browse our full virtual number inventory to choose a phone number and get started.

  • As soon as you've chosen a virtual phone number and given us your call forwarding details, you'll be ready to go. As our numbers are based in the cloud, they don't need any costly or time-consuming installation - we can set up your number in as little as three minutes! Calls will then be automatically forwarded to the number of your choosing, which you can amend at any time in your online dashboard. You can learn more about call forwarding here. Or check out our guide on how to use call forwarding outside the US.

  • Our call forwarding service comes with a range of price plans, so you can choose an option to suit your business needs. If you're just starting out with a virtual number, you can choose a pay-as-you-go or low-volume plan. If you're expecting a larger number of calls, you can increase your package to a high volume or bespoke option. Visit our pricing page to see our plans and get started forwarding calls.

  • Yes! We have a vast inventory of virtual numbers to choose from.

  • Our call forwarding service is completely adaptable, so you can adjust it to your business needs. Once your number is set up, you'll have access to an intuitive online dashboard. From here, you can manage, add and remove call forwarding extensions whenever you need to. Our service doesn't come with complicated contracts or long-term commitments, so, if you decide you no longer need a call forwarding service, you can cancel at any time.

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