Call Forwarding Answering Service

Our online call forwarding answering service makes it simple for your calls to be forwarded to any location, so you can never miss an important call again. Our toll free number answering services come with features including IVR and voicemail to email, so customers can get in contact even when you can't make it to the phone.

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What is a Telephone Answering Service for Business?

A telephone answering service is designed to deal with your business calls when you can't get to the phone. At, we offer a variety of options to help you keep on top of business calls, no matter the hour of day. Our web-based call answering service offers the ultimate flexibility. You can choose a call forwarding answering service and forward calls to alternate offices or call centers depending on the time of day the call is placed. Out of hours, you can also send calls directly to voicemail, where our handy voicemail to email service will guarantee you can stay on top of communications and respond to queries as soon as you're able.

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What are the Benefits of Call Forwarding Answering Service

Toll free answering services mean your customers can always get in touch with you, even when you're not directly available.'s online call answering service is set apart from traditional services due to the flexibility and simplicity it offers. All of our virtual numbers come with additional features to help make business communications simple, including IVR. IVR allows you to set up intuitive custom greetings and menus, so your callers can be directed virtually to the right department for their query - minimizing hold times and ensuring more calls are answered. We also offer call forwarding, time/day scheduling, and voicemail to email services, so calls can be connected no matter what time they're placed.

Benefits of Call Forwarding Answering Service

  • Always answer phone calls
  • Minimize hold times
  • Choose multiple ring-to numbers
  • Set up call forwarding chains
  • Offer intuitive virtual menus
  • Tailor IVR to your business

Why Choose

If you opt for an online call answering service with, you can enjoy a wide array of additional benefits. Our virtual numbers are all set up in the cloud, so you don't need any complicated hardware to get started. In fact, you could be up and running with your new call forwarding service in as little as three minutes! As well as IVR, voicemail to email and intuitive call forwarding, you can also benefit from real time reporting and call recording - all helping make your business communications simple! We have numbers in 100+ countries, with multi-carrier systems in place to guarantee crystal clear call quality, every time.

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Call Forwarding Answering Service FAQs

  • Traditional call answering services can be expensive, not flexible, and difficult to manage. The better solution is to use's online call answering service, which is ideal for small businesses. A web-based service offers you incredible simplicity and a wide array of features. Plus, there is no new equipment to buy or install - you use what you have, and we take care of the magic. Visit our pricing page to see the plans we have available.

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