Scaling a business to a national or international level isn’t easy. Moreover, establishing your business in new locations can be expensive, especially if that new location is a city halfway around the world. How do you provide your international customers with a means to reach your business locally without dealing with the overhead that comes with launching a physical in-country location?


Virtual phone numbers unlock the world with the ability to create any number, anywhere, all over the internet. Use virtual phone numbers to localize your business with unique area and country codes no matter where headquarters are based. Virtual phone numbers provide your business with the means to reach international customers on a local level without establishing a brick-and-mortar location in the area. 


How do Virtual Phone Numbers Work?


Virtual phone numbers, often referred to as VoIP, work just like regular phone numbers, but over the internet. With a virtual phone number, you can have a local or national number in any city or country in the world without the need for a physical location in said country. 


Calls to virtual phone numbers can be forwarded globally, often to different locations depending on the time of day. For example, depending on your needs, you could forward calls to your virtual number to a call center in Asia during working hours and a voicemailbox during non-working hours. Businesses can also utilize multiple virtual phone numbers at one time to reach more customers around the world.


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Getting started with a virtual phone number is as easy as selecting a plan and deciding if you want a local, national, or international number. Then a member of our dedicated support team will assist you in setting up your number. Since virtual phone numbers work over the internet, there’s no complicated external hardware that needs to be set up on your end. You can begin to field calls to your virtual number in as few as three minutes!


Adding, editing, or removing a line can be done quickly, right from your online dashboard with our cloud-based system. Our support team is available to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if you require assistance. 


What are the Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number?


In addition to being easy to obtain and set up, virtual phone numbers also come with a range of benefits for businesses of all sizes. Whether you already operate internationally or are looking to expand, here is a selection of benefits provided by virtual phone numbers that could prove helpful for your business. 


Give your business a local feel from anywhere in the world


As mentioned before, it can be challenging for international customers to reach your business, especially if they have to dial a number sequence with which they are unfamiliar. With virtual phone numbers, you can provide your customers with local toll-free numbers without having to be present in the country physically. 


Given this, virtual phone numbers make scaling a business to a national or international level much simpler and more cost-effective than building a ton of in-country offices or call centers. 


Forward calls anywhere in the world 


With a virtual phone number from, you can forward calls anywhere in the world. This includes call centers, office lines, and mobile phones. You could even forward calls made to your virtual phone number directly into your home should you so choose—the choice is yours!


With our cloud-based system, you can also utilize scheduled forwarding so that you never miss a call from a customer. For example, if you want calls sent to your office in the morning and your mobile phone in the afternoon, you can do just that. Or, if you want your customers to be able to speak to an actual customer service representative, no matter the time of day, you can choose to send calls to different call centers around the world so that someone is always there to answer the phone when it rings. 


Cloud-based numbers are flexible and easy to adjust


Virtual phone numbers are just that—virtual. Therefore, with numbers from, you don’t need to worry about any complicated installations or setups. You can begin receiving calls to your virtual phone number in just a few minutes. 


Additionally, if you want to add, edit, or remove a line, it can be done quickly and easily directly from your online dashboard. And since you don’t have to set up a physical office or call center, if you decide that you want to remove a virtual phone line at a later date, you don’t need to worry about a ton of sunk costs!


Overall, the benefits of virtual phone numbers can be boiled down to three key factors:


  1. Scalable
  2. Flexible
  3. Cost-Effective


How Many Numbers Are in a Virtual Phone Number?


As previously mentioned, one of the key benefits of virtual phone numbers is that they can be local, national, or international numbers from practically anywhere in the world. Therefore, the amount of digits in a virtual phone number depends upon where that number is located. 


For example, if you were to use a virtual U.S. phone number, it would consist of 10 digits, including the 3-digit area code and 7-digit phone number. 


Since every country has its own country and area codes, as well as unique number sequences, virtual numbers allow local customers to dial a number they are familiar with rather than trying to understand unfamiliar codes and sequences from a different country.


Reach Your International Customers Today


If your business is looking to expand throughout the country or around the globe, a virtual phone number can help you reach your customers on a local level. Get started with a virtual phone number from today and reap the many benefits they can provide your business.