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Geographic vs. Nongeographic Phone Numbers

man dialing a number into a phone

  Expanding a business globally isn’t easy. You want to provide your new international client base with phone numbers that they recognize to establish a local presence, but physically...

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What are Virtual Phone Extensions?

Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Expanding Internationally

  According to a recent study, 58.6% of the American workforce is working remotely in some aspect or another. With remote work becoming the norm—and company’s workforces spreading across...

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What is Session Initiation Protocol?

  As one of the most useful protocols in VoIP, session initiation protocols, or SIP, is rapidly becoming one of the most used protocols across industries because it allows...

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The Complete Guide to Call Forwarding

What Can You Do with a US Phone Number from TollFreeForwarding

Call forwarding is a great way to extend your business network beyond its operating borders, but you probably know, trying to set up international call forwarding through a main...

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