For businesses looking to expand internationally, Russia offers a range of benefits, from its large consumer market to its economic expansion over the last few decades. However, physically expanding into a new territory is a challenging undertaking, not to mention one that comes with considerable costs.


If your business has a large volume of Russian customers or you are looking to expand to Russia, you need cost-friendly solutions to reach your customers without having to deal with the huge price tag of physical expansion. With a Russian virtual number, you can do just that right from the comfort of your office, no matter where in the world you are located.



What is a Russia Virtual Number?


A Russian virtual number is a telephone number that is hosted in the cloud and not tied directly to a specific phone line. Calls placed to virtual Russian numbers can be forwarded almost anywhere in the world. As such, it is not required for a business to be physically present in Russia to make use of a Russian virtual phone number.


This is ideal for businesses without a physical presence in Russia, but that still have a number of Russian customers. It can also be useful for businesses that want to test the Russian market before committing the necessary resources to a physical expansion.


Benefits of a Russia Virtual Number


There are many benefits to utilizing a virtual Russian phone number, including providing your Russian customers with customer support tuned to their needs and protecting your bottom line. Benefits include:


Give your Russian customers local solutions from abroad


If your Russian customers need to contact your business, you need to provide them with a number format that is familiar. Not only does this increase the likelihood of your customers contacting you, but it improves your overall customer service experience. It also presents your business as a local establishment, even if you’re located on the other side of the globe.


Save money on international expansion


As mentioned, expanding a business to a new territory is expensive and is often held up by government regulations and other bureaucratic red tape. You can avoid this with a virtual Russian number, which allows you to connect with your local customers without needing to be physically present in the country. This is ideal for businesses with an existing customer base in Russia and businesses who want to trial an expansion before dedicating the time, money, and resources to a full-on expansion.


Enhance your customer service offering


We offer a range of advanced features that can help you better support your customers. Some features we offer include call recording, auto attendant, and scheduled forwarding. Advanced features can enable you to forward calls to different lines depending on the time of day or to set up a robot receptionist that can route calls to the correct person or department. We also offer data-driven insights based on your customers’ call habits so you can adjust your service offering to meet their needs.


No complex equipment


All of our Russian virtual numbers are cloud-based, which means you never have to worry about setting up or servicing any complex equipment on your end. Simply select the number you want, follow the setup process with support from our team, and begin fielding calls to your virtual Russian number. If you do need to make any changes, such as adding or editing a line, you can make adjustments directly from your online dashboard.


How to Call Russia


Calling a Russian phone number is easy. The country dialing code is +7, which is followed by a three-digit area code and a seven-digit phone number. Russian phone numbers are expressed as +7 [XXX] {XXXX-XXX].



Steps to Getting a Number in Russia


Getting started with a Russia virtual number is easy, although there are some additional steps that need to be taken per Russia’s regulations. To buy a Russia phone number online, follow these steps:


Select your number type – Choose the type of number you want, be it a toll free or local number.


Provide additional documentation – Once you have selected your desired number type, you will receive an email prompting you to contact our support team. Call the provided number, and a team member will inform you of the additional documents you need. These include proof of identity and proof of address for yourself or your business.


Our support team takes care of sign-up ­– After you have provided the necessary information, our support team will take care of the sign-up process, so all you need to do is wait for the number to be approved.


Begin accepting calls – Finally, once your number is up and running, you can begin to field calls placed to your virtual Russian phone number.


To learn more about which Russian phone number we offer, check out our Russian Virtual Numbers page.