PBX phone with virtual phone extension


According to a recent study, 58.6% of the American workforce is working remotely in some aspect or another. With remote work becoming the norm—and company’s workforces spreading across the country—having a centralized phone system bound to a single location is no longer the most effective, or cost-efficient, business communication solution.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a popular solution that allows businesses to centralize their phone system no matter where their offices, or employees, are located in the world. One of the benefits of VoIP is the additional features it allows businesses to utilize without the need for complex physical systems. One such feature is virtual phone extensions.


Virtual phone extensions provide calling customers with a selection of transfer options so that their call can be routed to the correct person or department.


How Virtual Phone Extensions Work


Virtual phone extensions are typically employed in tandem with auto-attendants. When a customer dials a business’s virtual phone number, the auto attendant greets them with a custom greeting. The attendant then presents the customer with a number of selections.


If the customer is seeking top-level information, the attendant can provide that information without the need to connect the customer to a live person. On the other hand, if the customer is looking to be connected to a certain person or a specific department, the attendant can also provide them with these options. This means the caller is routed to the appropriate person, even if the call recipient is located in another city or country from the rest of the business.


Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number with Extensions


Virtual phone numbers with extensions come with a range of useful benefits that help to avoid frustrations for both the calling customer as well as staff. For starters, virtual extensions allow for calls made to a single phone line to be routed to anywhere in the world with relative ease.


Therefore, if you have departments or employees located in different locations, you can virtually connect them all under one virtual phone system, creating the appearance of a large national or multi-national enterprise without the need to establish expensive physical locations all over the world.


Furthermore, customers don’t have to sift through a wide collection of numbers in order to reach the correct department. They can simply dial one primary number and reach the correct virtual extension without the headache.


Additionally, when paired with an auto-attendant, hold times are minimized as customers are connected to the right department through intuitive menus rather than everyone being sent to one line.


Get a Virtual Phone Number with Extensions


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