If you’ve had to call in to a customer service line over the past year or two, then you probably had the displeasure of being placed on hold—likely for far longer than you’d care to wait.  


Hold times over the last several years have increased drastically, with one expert estimating that they have as much as tripled in length since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  


The airline, banking, and telecom industries rank among the worst for hold times, with Delta, Verizon, and Bank of America being some of the worst offenders. In fact, just a couple of months ago, one Delta customer reported hold times of up to 12 hours.   


There are a few key factors driving this increase in hold times, including customer service staffing shortages, increased turnover rate, and chattier customers dialling in.  


Excessive hold times aren’t just bad for customers either. One study reveals that overly long hold times can be detrimental to businesses as they make customers feel unappreciated and that their time is not valued.   


To that end, we wanted to know just how well some of the United States’ largest companies rank for customer satisfaction. We looked at online reviews for 50 U.S. companies, selecting ten each across five different sectors (retail, banking, airlines, healthcare, and telecom), and then ranked them based on our findings.  


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The complete findings are as follows: 


Healthcare Industry Ratings 


Highmark 3.7 
Anthem 3.2 
Centene 3.2 
Molina 2.9 
CVS Health 2.9 
Blue Cross Blue Shield 2.5 
Humana 2.5 
Kaiser Permanente 2.5 
United Health Group 1.9 
Cigna 1.2 
Average 2.7 


Telcom Industry Ratings 


Windstream Communications 3.2 
Lumen Technologies 3.1 
Altice USA 2.4 
Cox Communications 2.1 
Verizon 1.5 
T-Mobile 1.4 
AT&T 1.3 
Comcast 1.3 
Spectrum (Charter) 1.2 
Frontier Communications 1.2 
Average 1.9 


Retail Industry Ratings 


Albertsons 2.3 
Target 2.1 
Kroger 1.8 
Amazon 1.7 
Walmart 1.5 
Costco 1.5 
Lowes 1.5 
The Home Depot 1.4 
Walgreens 1.4 
CVS 1.4 
Average 1.7 


Banking Industry Ratings 


Goldman Sachs 2.1 
5/3 Bank 2.1 
Wells Fargo 1.9 
JP Morgan Chase 1.8 
Bank of America 1.4 
Citigroup 1.4 
TD Group 1.4 
Capital One 1.3 
PNC Bank 1.2 
Truist Bank 1.1 
Average 1.6 


Airline Industry Ratings 


Hawaiian Airlines 2.1 
Southwest Airlines 1.9 
Alaska Airlines 1.9 
Delta Airlines 1.8 
Allegiant Airlines 1.7 
United Airlines 1.6 
JetBlue Airlines 1.4 
American Airlines 1.3 
Spirit Airlines 1.3 
Frontier Airlines 1.2 
Average 1.6 



The data used in this study was found by calculating the average customer rating scores for the selected companies on the review platform www.trustpilot.com.