Taylor Swift, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez—odds are, you recognize these names as belonging to some of the biggest stars on the planet. However, there’s also a chance you know—or even work with—someone who shares a name with one of these megastars.


Here at TollFreeForwarding.com, we were curious to see just how many people in the business world share names with worldwide superstars, so we took to LinkedIn to find out.


Using the celebrities with the most Instagram followers as our inspiration, as well as a selection of other A-listers, we did a LinkedIn deep dive to figure out which celebrities shared their names with most people in the workforce.


So, forget about seeing these names up in lights for a moment, and discover the celeb names you are most likely to come across in the office! The results are as follows:


Most Popular Celebrity Names in the Business World




Number of People in Business


Jennifer Lopez5400
Julia Roberts2200
Dwayne Johnson1300
Jim Carrey1100
Justin Bieber1000
Kevin Hart1000
Brad Pitt1000
Emma Stone1000
Christiano Ronaldo993
LeBron James921
Lionel Messi893
Vin Diesel864
Harrison Ford831
Taylor Swift821
Ariana Grande746
Tom Cruise617
Eddie Murphy550
Selena Gomez515
Tom Hanks509
Katy Perry482

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez smiling


Jennifer Lopez is the most popular celebrity name in the business world, with the world-renowned pop sensation sharing her name with 5,400 people in the workforce. While Jenny from the Block is best known for her hit songs, phenomenal dance moves, and starring movie roles, the majority of those named Jennifer Lopez in the workforce have jobs in professional services.


Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts smiling with a green earing


The second most popular celeb name in the business world is Julia Roberts, with 2,100 LinkedIn users sharing this name. In the business world, the various Julia Robertses make their own mark across a wide range of industries, like healthcare, government administration, retail, and manufacturing.


Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson in a suit and white shirt


Perhaps better known by the moniker “The Rock,” Dwayne Johnson has become a household name over the last two decades, starring in multiple hit films and franchises, like Jumanji and The Fast and the Furious. In the business world, there are 1,300 other Dwayne Johnsons who work in accounting, manufacturing, technology, and media.


Top-Earning Celebrity Names


In addition to the most popular celebrity names in business, we were curious to see which of these names are likely to have the highest salaries.


According to our findings, the people with these names are likely to be paid the most:




Average Salary


Jim Carrey


Bruce Willis


Matt Damon


Eddie Murphy

$59, 152.62

Will Ferrell


Justin Bieber


Brad Pitt



While it’s interesting to see which names stand to make the most money, we would have liked to see better representation among women, as the top ten earning celeb names in the workforce belong to men. In fact, of the celebrity names we researched, the highest paid belongs to Kim Kardashian, coming in at 18 with an average salary of $39,732.60.


The highest earning female celebrity names are:


Celeb Name


Average Salary


Kim Kardashian


Julia Roberts

Jamie Lee Curtis


Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Aniston



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The number of people in the business world who share their name with celebrities was found using data from LinkedIn. Celebrities included in the research were a mix of the 30 with the most followers on Instagram and the 30 biggest celebrities in the United States according to sources across the web.


Salary information was found using the digital tool ValueMyName.