Whether you work in telemarketing, customer service, recruitment, or just want excellent call quality when having a team meeting, one piece of equipment is essential – a VOIP headset.  

From what to look for to why they are such an important part of making calls in today’s business environment, this article tells you everything you need to know about VOIP headsets.  

An Extensive Guide to VOIP Headsets

What is VOIP? 

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In short, it allows you to make voice calls over the internet. Businesses that handle a significant number of calls may prefer VOIP phone services over traditional phone lines as they tend to offer cheaper rates and can come with bonus features like analytics and integration with sales and marketing software.  

Read our guide to VOIP phone systems for more information on how VOIP works and how to set it up.  


What is a VOIP Headset? 

A VOIP headset is a set of headphones and mic that allow you to communicate in voice conversations over the internet. They come in one of two different types which differ in the way they connect to your PC, laptop, or device: 

  • Wired  a wire connects the headset and the computer, usually via USB 
  • Wireless  the headset and computer connect wirelessly, usually via Bluetooth  


Key Features of a VOIP Headset  

There is a world of difference between a good VOIP headset and a bad one. Here are just a few things to look for when making a purchase: 


1. Comfort  

VOIP headsets are predominantly used by those who spend a lot of their working day speaking to customers, clients, or prospects. This leads to extensive stints wearing the VOIP headset on your head. Without a comfortable product, this can lead to discomfort in your ears or across your head.  

Look out for a VOIP headset with plenty of padding on the ears and across the headbandAlso of importance is weight. A lightweight VOIP headset meanyou’ll feel the headset a lot less as you use it throughout the day.  


2Sound quality  

One way in which VOIP can lose out when compared to traditional phone systems is on sound quality. If you don’t have a good, stable internet connection your calls can be at risk of breaking up, sounding rough or inaudible, or even dropping out altogether.  

Thanks to advances in broadband technology this isn’t a problem for most businesses, but there is still a lot of variation in the quality of sound you’ll experience with a VOIP headset. One example feature is noise cancellation. A headset with this feature will cut out exterior sound, helping to clear up conversation and allow for a much clearer call with your client or customer.  



For those who take calls when they’re away from their desk, the range is also an important factor to consider. Bluetooth VOIP headsets may be more expensive to buy upfront than wired USB headsets, but they do bring a lot more flexibility to users who need them for more than just taking calls at their desks. 

For example, if you’re using the headset to present to other members of your team remotely, you can stand up and walk around the room or make notes on a whiteboard, all without worrying about carrying your laptop along with you.  

If you do go for a Bluetooth headset there is one other careful consideration to make – battery life. The more you spend the better the headset’s battery life will be and the shorter the time it takes to charge back up. Remember to charge it up after work every evening or you could find yourself without a headset for a few hours in the day.  


4. Cost  

As with any piece of tech, the more budget you’re willing to put into a VOIP headset the better it will generally be. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for the best value possible. Take your time to research the available products and find the best deal you can with all the three key features named above.  


Benefits of a VOIP Headset 

VOIP headsets, and VOIP phone services, are growing in popularity when compared to legacy telephone technology. Why? Here are four significant benefits to using a VOIP system with a VOIP headset.  


1. Always connected  

Picking up the phone any number of times a day is a hassle. If you know you’ll be answering customer calls all day, VOIP headsets are a comfortable and convenient way to keep answering them without a hitch. You can even set them up to answer your calls automatically.  


2Handsfree calls   

Not only is picking up the phone endlessly quite annoying, but it’s also not great for your health. Lifting up the phone puts your arm in an unnatural position as you hold it to your ear. The constant movement of your elbow joint, day after day, can lead to aches and pain.  

With a VOIP headset, no lifting is required, keeping your arm and elbow in better shape.  


3Improved call quality   

If you’re willing to spend a little more on a noisecanceling headset, and your office has a solid internet connection, then chances are you’ll experience better call quality than you would have done with a more traditional phone.  

Certainly, telephones don’t come in headset form, so it can be hard to switch yourself off from exterior noise and focus on the ongoing conversation.   


4Increased productivity  

Remember when you had to awkwardly balance the phone to your ear with your shoulder while you tried to use a computer and listen to the person on the other line? This annoying method was a problem for office workers for generations – but not anymore. VOIP headsets allow you to use a computer and speak to a customer simultaneously without bending your neck and shoulder into uncomfortable positions.  


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