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A Smarter Virtual Telephone Number

Some companies offer you a virtual phone number that simply rings to a single phone or office. When you pick up the phone, it's not unusual to hear switching sounds and other interference that can quickly deflate the aura surrounding that Virtual Telephone Number. Needless to say, this is hardly the way to build a credible, corporate reputation.

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A Virtual Telephone Number with Quality International Call Forwarding

At, we take a different approach. Our business was founded on the principle of access, and that means we take pains to ensure every call sounds as clear as a phone call to your neighbor down the street -- even if that call travels halfway across the globe. We offer low hassle-free rates and superior virtual phone forwarding services, including the ability to ring up to other phones with each call.


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Our website allows you to update, add, or cancel numbers instantly. There is no equipment to purchase, making a TollFreeForwarding Virtual Telephone Number ideal for small business owners or start-ups. There is no commitment to make--simply try our service, and experience the ease of communication offered by your convenient Virtual Telephone Number. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments, or to receive more information.


A Flexible Virtual Telephone Number

Feel free to look around the site and familiarize yourself with the many options we offer. Whether you want an international, US local or Toll Free Virtual Telephone Number, we offer a number of plans to cover any contingency. Want to upgrade in the future? No problem--you can still keep your line, and all the convenience that comes with it, without missing a call.