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Looking for a quick and easy way to tap more customers in the Chicago market? A number brings Chicago to you.

Your number comes with a host of great features, including smart-call forwarding, which enables you to route calls from Chicago to your office, home phone, mobile, or PBX. You can also arrange for voicemails and faxes to convert to email.

You’re not locked into any long-term arrangements, so you can add and delete numbers as it suits you. Just choose a number from our online inventory and have it activated in 60 seconds!


Set up a virtual office in one of America’s most exciting markets offers virtual numbers with Chicago prefixes. That means your customers in Chicago (and 12 other locations in Illinois) can call you on a number they’ll instantly recognize. No need for expensive international calls if you’re based in another country - just the cost of a local call and they’ll be able to track you down.

You can create a virtual office in downtown Chicago and with our top quality lines, your customers will think you’re in the next building! Who needs an expensive bricks and mortar when you can have your customers reach you anywhere in the world on a local line?


Get the Windy City on the line in minutes!

America’s third-largest city is a crucial and diverse market, as well as a major securities trading center, with billions of dollars in everything from agricultural commodities to metal changing hands each day.

Home among Chicago’s fabled skyscrapers and surrounding suburbs are the headquarters of some of the biggest companies in the US, including McDonald’s, Boeing, Motorola and Kraft Foods.

Any business in America knows that having a presence in Chicago is crucial. Don’t sweat the cost of opening up a store or office there. Get a Chicago number and make it easy for your customers - and your business.

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