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Get a virtual PBX and watch your efficiency rise and your bills go down!


Looking for a way to increase your phone system’s efficiency and save money at the same time? A virtual PBX is the answer!

A virtual PBX - or voice menu - is a phone system that handles inbound calls, extensions, voicemail, fax and other telecommunications services for a particular office. It’s virtual because those services are handled via the Internet or PSTN, or public switched telephone network, rather than expensive on-site hardware.

A hosted PBX offers your business great flexibility and doesn’t cost a fortune:

  • You can have as many extensions as you want, at no extra cost
  • You don’t have to purchase any new hardware
  • It’s easy to set up online

That’s right: There are no limitations on how many internal numbers your inbound calls can be routed to, you don’t need any expensive new equipment and it’s so simple to set up you can do it yourself online!


Make running your business easier with a PBX system

Combine your virtual number with a virtual PBX and you will quickly see the results. Our crystal clear lines connect you with your customers all over the world. And with international call forwarding and ringback tones, your customers won’t even know you’re in another country!

A virtual PBX offers you great versatility for your company’s communications, without the need to break the bank buying more equipment. It maximizes the potential of your existing telephone setup and will enhance your connection to your customers.

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