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The government of Vietnam has spent the last 25 years instituting economic reforms that have moved the country's economy forward. If your business is considering expanding there, a Vietnam phone number can link your products and services with the country's enterprise-thirsty market. You don't have to set up offices or call centers, hire employees or even ever visit the country. Simply choose and activate a Vietnam toll-free number and you'll be ready to start receiving calls from customers in just a few minutes. Calls placed to your Vietnam virtual phone number will be automatically routed to any line of your choosing, meaning your business never misses a call from its new customer base.


Vietnam: Mobile Phones and Mobile Web Support Expansion and Growth

Vietnam has put considerable effort and resources into modernizing its national telephone network. Telecommunications infrastructure now includes fiber optic cables and microwave radio relay networks. There are not only more main lines now than there have ever been, but mobile phone connectivity is proliferating at a record pace. The country is home to nearly 23.5 million Internet users, who are served by nearly 190,000 Internet hosts. Vietnam is experiencing a higher rate of growth in mobile Internet than any country in the world except Colombia. Between 2012 and 2013, Vietnam witnessed a mobile web growth rate of 266 percent.


Discover New Markets with A Vietnam Phone Number from

With a Vietnam virtual phone number, you can tap into the country's growing economy from the comfort of your business in your home country. A virtual number isn't associated with any specific phone line. Instead, it is linked to a routing system, which forwards all the calls that it receives to wherever your business needs those calls to go. This is imperative for conducting business in the developing markets of Southeast Asia. Setting up and maintaining phone lines, call centers, hardware and employees in a nation with dilapidated, aging infrastructure — which may be governed by ineffective and often corrupt public officials — would be too much to ask of even a big corporation with plentiful resources. A virtual number gives your customers a means to contact you, but puts the strength of a powerful forwarding system in your hands.


A Vietnam Virtual Phone Number Comes with Amazing, Professional Features

If you're looking for the prestige and credibility associated with big corporations, consider a Vietnam toll-free number. If you want to give your customers the soothing familiarity of a business with community ties on the other hand, you can choose a local number. Time-of-day routing lets you move incoming calls on your schedule, depending on when the call was placed. Try sequential or simultaneous dialing to make sure you don't miss any calls from customers or clients. Use call recording for training or security purposes, or just for your own records. Set up an automated system that lets your customers navigate through the options on their own using their phone's alpha-numeric keypad. A former enemy of the United States is now a business partner, and although the market is far away, it's within your reach with a Vietnam phone number. There are never any setup fees or long-term contracts, and you can cancel at any time.