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Stand out from the crowd with a vanity number


Looking for an eye-catching way to expand your customer base?

Why not try a vanity number from

A vanity number is a toll free number that also spells the name of a person, product or service. It’s a great way to enhance your company’s prestige and marketability and gives customers an easy way to remember your number.

And with, it’s simple. Just choose a letter combination that spells a word and check it’s available. If it is, your vanity number will be activated in 60 seconds. There are no set-up fees and you won’t need any new and expensive equipment for your new number. has no long-term contracts so you can cancel whenever you want or even transfer your vanity number to another service provider. You can add and delete numbers as you need to.

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Convenient, easy to use and a name for your customers to remember

Everyone’s looking for an angle to make their business stand out. At, we’re committed to helping you by making your communication needs as simple and convenient to use as possible.

With a vanity number, you also get great smart features absolutely free, including call forwarding. So if you’re based in New York City and you’re looking to expand your customer base across the country, you can route your number to your office, cellphone, PBX or call center - or all four at the same time!

Your customers will always be able to reach you, even when you’re traveling. With a custom number you’re not only giving them a number they can remember!

All for a low monthly rate. That’s flexibility and convenience that’s hard to beat!

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