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The Industry’s Best Sri Lankan Phone Numbers

Are you setting your business's sights on Sri Lanka? A Sri Lankan phone number provides the connection you need between customers in the country and your business HQ.

With, you can pick up a Sri Lanka virtual number and have it activated in minutes. No complicated hardware to install, and no in-house expertise required. Just crisp, clear call forwarding that boosts customer and client communication.

Whether you choose a Sri Lanka toll-free number or a local number, customers in your new market can reach out to you thanks to the power of Cloud PBX technology. Every time a call comes in, we choose from multiple providers to find you the best line. That means that no matter where your call is coming from, you’ll get the highest quality call-forwarding in the business.

It all comes with a risk-free trial and no long-term contracts. Click below to get started.


Simple Setup in Minutes

Virtual numbers aren't connected to a specific phone line, but instead are linked to a number of your choosing. When a customer calls the virtual number you've established, that call is sent to a landline, office phone or cell phone of your choosing.

Offer your new customers familiarity with a local number or instill in them the certainty that comes with the big-business feel of a Sri Lanka toll-free number. Whichever you choose, your phone number will come with a local callback tone - adding authenticity to every single customer call at no extra cost.

It’s incredibly easy to get started. All our Sri Lanka virtual phone numbers take just a few minutes to set up, and you don’t need to do a thing. All the hard work is done at our end. You’ll be receiving calls in no time. Click below to get started.


Powerful Features for a Flexible Communication System

All you need is a smartphone, a tablet or a computer to control every aspect of your account. That's because uses cloud-based management to let you change your settings whenever you want, from wherever you are.

Sequential dialing

Ring several numbers, one after the other. If your primary line is occupied or unavailable, the call is automatically routed to your second number, your third, and so on. Or use simultaneous dialing, which rings all the numbers at the same time.

Real-time reporting

View easily digestible statistics on all inbound calls. Quickly analyze caller habits and feedback to your sales and marketing teams.

Voicemail to email

For any calls you didn’t pick up, the system will take a message from the caller and send the file straight to you via email. Voicemails can then be downloaded to be listened to right there and then, ensuring you can prioritize important calls you might have missed.


Unbeatable Support and Pricing

The free trial offered by means that there's never any risk. You can try a Sri Lankan phone number with us before you commit a cent. With a free trial on every phone number, you remain in control.

If you’re experimenting with your first virtual number in Sri Lanka, try out pay as you go, where you only pay for the minutes you use. When you’ve been convinced of the benefits a virtual number can bring to your business, select from one of our distinctive monthly packages. From Starter to Large, our dedicated support team can take you through each of our packages and set you up on the right one for your business. Take a look at our pricing page or give the team a call to get started.

With, you have an enterprise-level telephone system at your fingertips. Your new customers in Sri Lanka are waiting — sign-up today.