Virtual Phone Systems for Small Business

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Practical and cost-effective solutions for your small business


If you’re running a small business and looking to improve your connectivity with customers, has the solution.

Our toll free, local and national numbers can help you cut your communication bills and simplify your phone system while enhancing the relationship with your customers at the same time.

A small business phone service offers great quality at affordable rates. Our virtual phone numbers come with industry leading smart features such as call forwarding and virtual PBX at no additional cost, giving you amazing flexibility and control.

There are no hidden set-up fees, you won’t need to purchase any new equipment, and because you’re not locked into any long-term contract, you can cancel at any time. Just choose a number from our online inventory and it will be activated in 60 seconds.

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Focus your energy on what matters most to your business: your customers

When you’re running a small business, you need to devote your energy and resources into your customers whilst keeping your overheads to an absolute minimum. You don’t want be distracted by how you’re going to expand your office rent portfolio around the country.

With you can create a virtual network of offices using toll free or local numbers available in more than 1,000 cities in 120+ countries.


It’s so simple to get going!

Our 24/7 online control center allows you to change your call routing configuration any time. You can have customers on toll free lines in Houston, St. Louis and Boston all forwarded to your head office in LA, your cell phone, or home office.

You can arrange for them to ring each line sequentially or simultaneously. And with crystal clear VoIP-based lines, they’ll think you’re just down the road! It won’t cost them a dime and it reduces the risk of you missing an important call.


Forget buying expensive new equipment - get a toll free number and save! is all about maximizing convenience for both you and your customers in a way that doesn’t involve breaking the bank. Our small business phone services will help build trust among your customers, creating a perception of success and prestige for your business, however small.

You don’t need to purchase a whole lot of new phone equipment and you don’t need a new office. offers the perfect solution to your expansion plans in a simple, easy-to-use system, at a price you can afford.

Sign up now for a free trial of up to 20 days.