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Changing your toll free number over to is simple!

How it works – 3 simple steps

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Do you already have a toll free number but want to change service providers to get better smart features and a cheaper price? It’s easy!

All you need to do is change your “RespOrg”, or Responsible Organization, the company that administers and is responsible for toll free numbers in your country. It’s a simple process that takes a few days to complete, and doesn’t put your number out of service while the paperwork is completed.


Keep your existing number, sign a form and your RespOrg does the rest

So you’ve seen the light and decided to get on board with’s low monthly rates and advanced web-enabled features. Great decision!

But you’ve had a number for a while and it’s a vanity number, so it’s integral to your business and you want to hang on to it.

You don’t have to give it up to come across to us. You just need to fill in a simple form to change your RespOrg. You provide us with your toll free number and the contact information that’s on file with your existing toll free number provider, and will create a form that you need to sign and fax back to us.

We’ll forward the signed form to your existing RespOrg, requesting that they release your number to’s network. Once they’ve released their hold on your number, it will be routed to our network and you’ll receive an automated email advising you that the process has been completed.


Switch over to and bring your vanity number with you!

In no time at all you’ll be enjoying our wonderful smart features including international call forwarding, which can route your calls to any existing phone line, fixed or mobile, call center or PBX (or all four!) anywhere in the world.

Contact us for more information on how to RespOrg your number and the great features you can apply to your old number when you come across to We’ll be glad to help!