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Earn lucrative industry-leading commissions by generating customers and leads for our services.

  • Generate and submit leads only
  • completes the sale
  • provides all management and support
  • Earn commission for the life of the account -

Referral Partner Application

To apply for our program, please provide the following.

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Referral Partner FAQs

What is a Referral Partner?

Referral Partners generate and submits leads to to earn a commission. completes the sale and will provide all account management for active customers.

How does a Referral Partner earn commission?

Referral Partners earn industry-leading commissions for generating leads that convert into paying customers.

How long will I earn commissions?

Referral Partners earn industry-leading commissions for the life of the account as long as the Referral Partner remains an active participant in the partner program.

When are Referral Partners paid?

Commissions are paid monthly for eligible revenue collected in the previous month.

What other services will I be able to provide?

Referral Partners get to offer a powerful suite of telecommunication services, including:

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