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Earn lucrative industry-leading commissions by generating customers and leads for our services.

  • Resell services
  • Own the entire customer experience
  • Manage sales, support and accounts
  • Discounted incentive pricing to maximize your profit

Master Agent Application

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Master Agent FAQs

What is a Master Agent?

Master Agents are partners who resell services to their own customers. Master Agents completely own the experience of their customers, including sales, support, billing and collections, and account management.

What percentage discount do Master Agents get and how much can I charge my customers?

Master Agents receive a generous negotiated discount off our retail pricing. Set your own rates based on your vertical and market conditions. Your profit is the difference between what you charge your customers and your discounted cost. Master Agents can mark up or offer discounts as they see fit.

When do we get paid?

Payments are obtained by invoicing your customers. Your customers pay you for services as they normally do. The negotiated discount is applied and accounts are charged and replenished at the first of the month at the negotiated discount off our retail pricing.

What other services will I be able to provide?

Master Agent Partners get to offer a powerful suite of telecommunication services, including:

Are there any other program restrictions?

Currently no "white label" program or APIs are available.

How am I billed each month?

We bill for phone numbers on the first of each month. High volume accounts may need to get charged more frequently if you consume more minutes than you originally purchased in a given month. This is to prevent service disruptions to your customer sub-accounts.

Ask us about our available Invoice Billing Options to secure your account.

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