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How It Works – 3 Simple Steps

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Advanced Features of Pakistan Virtual Number

Scheduled Forwarding

Robust scheduling options allow you to route your calls based on the days and hours of your business. Route your calls to your main call center during business hours and to voicemail during non-business hours.

Real Time Reporting

Instantly view detailed information about calls made to your TollFreeForwarding phone number. Learn about your customers' call habits to help make decisions about outbound sales and follow-up.

Call Recording

Keep track of your calls by recording all or some of your calls. Recorded calls are stored in call detail records and can be played or downloaded at any time.


Conquer the Asian Shores with Pakistan Virtual Numbers

Pakistan has been witnessing an upward progression with steady industrial growth and has been coming across as a valuable destination for business. Characterized amongst the emerging economy, Pakistan is a sound commercial proposition for expansion into Asia.

ACTIVATE is now present in Pakistan with its Pakistan Virtual Numbers giving new and existing businesses an opportunity to expand into Asian territory. With the help of virtual numbers, it becomes much easier to establish a set up in an international location with minimal effort. You can have a number active in less than three minutes when you sign up with Now enjoy instant access to your new target market with our latest offering.

Advanced Features and Excellent Service


With your Pakistan Virtual Number you can expect to get crystal clear call quality. Regardless of where the call is coming from, the connection never suffers because of the distance. We provide you the best service and the most cutting edge features with your virtual number that will help you stay connected with not just your local customers but also with the international ones. It has been statistically proven that consumers are always more comfortable dealing with businesses that are located within their country. You can now turn your customers in Pakistan into loyal ones with a low cost virtual presence.

You can choose from many 800 numbers listed in our inventory and add as many lines as you like to your Pakistan Virtual Number service. All these phone lines come packed with smart features and are activated in the record time of three minutes. We also provide the call routing and call forwarding feature that is accessible with our online web interface. You can not only add or modify the existing lines but also cancel any service at any time of the day. Our call forwarding feature is so advanced that it can be forwarded to not only traditional phone lines but also PBX systems or VoIP phones. You can also check out other useful features like time-of-day routing, voice-to-email message, ring-back tones etc.


Pakistan Virtual Numbers to Scale Your Business

We are the leading name in the telecommunication industry for providing virtual phone number service across the globe and are currently available in 100+ countries, serving over 10,000 customers. Our huge inventory of phone numbers is equipped with features like virtual PBX phones, advanced call forwarding and many more.


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