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Madagascar's wealth of human and natural resources has not yet been fully developed. A major reason for Madagascar's untapped potential is its relatively sluggish economic growth, which has made some businesses hesitant to set up operations in the country. But with international phone numbers, your business can reach out to Madagascar's enterprise-thirsty population without the risk and expense of setting up physical infrastructure there. All you need is a Madagascar phone number, and you have a direct connection to the people in your new market, all without any physical investment.


Dive Into Madagascar with International Numbers from

With a Madagascar virtual phone number, you can ensure that you'll never miss another call from your customers overseas. Virtual numbers aren't linked to a specific phone line, but instead are routed to any number or numbers of your choosing. A customer or client calls your number, and the call lands wherever you need it to go, whether it's routed to a business, a landline, a home phone or even a cell phone. Give your customers the comfort and familiarity of a local number, or offer them the confidence that comes with the corporate feel of a Madagascar toll-free number. Use local ringback tones to add authenticity to each customer experience — all for no extra cost.


Improve Marketing with Madagascar Phone Numbers

When you obtain more than one Madagascar virtual phone number, you can test different marketing campaigns. For example, if you run the same ad in two different formats — one containing a Madagascar toll-free number and one that contains a local number, you can test the results of the variable. offers a free trial, so there's never any risk. Consider launching your marketing test number during the introductory period. When the free trial is over, you can either keep the number you had or start fresh with a new one. Every account comes with unlimited extensions, and you can get as many phone numbers as you like. We have a huge inventory of international numbers, so the Madagascar phone number you want is within reach.


Easy Operation with Powerful Features

You can control every aspect of your account from your phone, your tablet or any computer. Cloud-based management means that your forwarding service can change right along with the evolving needs of your business. If your primary line is occupied or unavailable, the call is automatically routed to your second number, your third, and so on. Or you can use simultaneous dialing, which rings all of the numbers at the same time, and then disconnects the call from all other lines once it is answered. These two strategies both work to dramatically reduce the number of dropped calls, missed calls and calls that land on a voicemail. Time-of-day routing can forward calls depending on when the call is placed. If a call is made when your East Coast offices are closed, schedule calls placed at that time to be routed to your West Coast branch. With a Madagascar virtual number your business has a direct connection to the market's customers, without ever setting foot in the the country.